Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I need to stop buying stuff!

Bay To Breakers logoCalories eaten yesterday: 1840
Fat: 99g (50%) :)
Carbs: 41g (9%)
Protein: 140g (31%)

Calories burned in exercise today: 100

Whew. Well I'm officially well past broke again. At least Thursday is payday, but I have got to put a stop to buying anything I don't need and stick to the basics (like food).

Today I ran into San Francisco to check my mail. I stopped at GNC to buy Lean System 7, a diet pill I've heard good things about (and it was on sale!). While there I also bought some Chaser pills. These are supposed to stop hangovers. I'm planning to have a bit to drink on Friday (maybe too much), so if I do I'll have these at the ready. I want to feel good on Saturday. They also talked me into becoming a Gold Card member again.

Then I checked my mail and found a letter from Unilever, the company that makes Breyer's ice cream (they are a HUGE company that makes tons of products we all buy). I wrote them an e-mail last week thanking them for their Carb Smart ice cream. In the letter they included a coupon for a free carton. Tre sweet!

Then I hopped BART and came back to the East Bay and walked the last 1.5 miles to work for exercise. I started pricing digital cameras today. After five years it's clear my old one is no longer cutting it. I stopped at WalMart figuring they'd be the cheapest, and I'm pretty much sold on a good quality Cannon with video capability for about $200. 6 megapixels and a 16 meg memory card. Takes AA batteries (like my current one). I (obviously!) can't buy it at the moment, but I do need to get a new camera as soon as I have the money.

I also bought two frivolous items - a jewelry box (my necklaces are a mess and this will help me organize them), and a small backpack that I think I can use as a purse.

At work I found an e-mail saying that registration for the Bay To Breakers is open, so I signed up right away. I want a lower number and the price goes up the longer you wait. As it is it's $39 this year PLUS they are now charging $2 to have your race packet mailed to you (unless you want to run into San Francisco the day before the race to pick it up at the Greater Body Expo. I don't think so! So now it's $41 for the privilege of torturing myself with a 12k run. LOL! What a rip off! And yet they know that thousands upon thousands will pay the fee each year.

New for this year's race - everyone gets a chip that doesn't start counting until you cross the start line, so no more of the clock ticking away while you wait in the crowd to get started. This has been a long-standing gripe of mine - there are so many people that no matter how early you show up you have at least a short wait to get across. One more expense connected with this - I need a new pair of running shoes. I think my current ones are two years old.

More on the saturated fat issue. I found this at the diabetes forum:
also believe that when people eat mostly saturated fat, that eliminates much of the need for antioxidants. Saturated fat resists oxidation and becoming rancid, which lessens our need of antioxidants. What antioxidants we do get from our diet can be applied to free radicals from our environment and body processes. If one's diet is high in unsaturated fat, that increases our need for antioxidants because these fats react to a greater degree and produce more free radicals, with polyunsaturated fat, especially Omega 6, being the worst...(O)ur bodies make saturated fat. In the (paraphrased) words of Mary Enig, saturated fat is the most natural to our bodies. And something else Mary Enig said: we need saturated fat for the body to utilize the omega 3 fats.

So cutting back on saturated fat does not do a body good. My personal belief: if God made the fat, I'll eat it. If man made the fat, I avoid it (i.e. trans-fats).

Weight-wise I'm still afraid to get on the scale, but suspect I'm around 150 still, maybe a little below. This is my second day wear the WalMart jeans so they are stretched out, but they are much looser and sitting on my hips, so that's good. Brad says my tummy is a little flatter and my thighs are thinner.

Blood sugar was 85 this morning, so very good and in normal range for me.

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