Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Changing topics...

Calories eaten yesterday: 1693
Fat: 97g (53%)
Carbs: 35g (9%)
Protein: 123g (30%)

Calories burned in exercise today: 328

Well, Blogger ate my entire long post, so now I have to retype the whole thing. *sigh*

Now a lot going on here. I didn't get to the gym today. I had my monthly meeting at the church and walked up the hill (10 minutes) and then walked to work from the BART station (33 minutes).

I am SO hungry today. On the way to my appointment I stopped at a convenience store to see if they had my favorite Pepsi Jazz flavor (they didn't) and bought a 2 oz. bag of jalapeno and cheddar pork rinds. They were yummy, but added 280 more calories to my menu and did little to kill my hunger. I need to think about adding peanut butter into my menu again. And all this despite have a bigger-than-usual breakfast: 2 thick strips of bacon, 1 fried egg, and since I was still starving, 1/2 a raw cucumber.

I think I've still burning through liver glycogen from my birthday binge. Some people can get into ketosis within a couple days; with me it can take up to five days. I know the liver can supposedly only store two days' worth of glycogen, but it's always taken me five days to show even trace amounts of ketones on the ketone strips. My body just seems to be really good at using the ketones instead of peeing them out. With my carbs as low as they have been, I've been thinking about buying some strips and checking. But it may not do any good, according to this article:

Many people falsely believe they cannot or are not losing weight because the ketones drop to a lower level. The Ketostiks, used to measure the ketones in the urine, are no longer showing the purple color on the test strip. However, weight loss continues with or without the ketones being present. The spillage of excess ketones in the urine disappears on the low-carbohydrate diet after the body becomes accustomed to using dietary fats for energy instead of glucose. This usually occurs within a few weeks on the diet.

Anyone know if that's true?

To change the topic...
I've been mentioned in a Swedish article on low-GI diets. I received this message on this Flickr photo:

Nice that you loost weight!

You look very nice. I added your photo to a small article I wrote about loosing weight since I wanted something about Atkins also, although the article is about GI. The article is in swedish: GI-metoden och GI för nybörjare.

I can also be inspiring to see a beautifull woman who has lost weight.

Thanks for using creative commons!

Best regards

I don't know Swedish, but go check out my photo in the article!

I wish I looked like that photo right now! I weighed myself last night to get an idea of my weight without having to take an official morning weight, and I am still about 5 pounds heavier from my birthday binge. My fat jeans are still tight, and my WalMart paint splattered jeans, usually fairly easy to slip on, are also tight. Never mind trying to squeeze into any of my Old Navy jeans right now!

And to change topics again...
April is already thinking about getting a new dog. Bogie just died and she already needs to replace him. she has it narrowed down to two dogs at the Humane Society and one Burmese puppy breeder. I am dead set against breeders - they bring more dogs into a world where thousands are killed each year for lack of the good home. Both of my cats are "mutts." Abby is a rescued street cat, and I got Xena at the county shelter when she was just a baby.

And changing again...
My blood sugar readings have been great, back in line just in time for another round of surgery this Thursday. I was 87 last night and 85 this morning. I'm looking forward to seeing how the surgery effects me. I'll let you all know my results.

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Big Daddy D said...

Speaking of pictures.... you look pretty skinny. I'm curious if you have calculated your percentage of body fat and if so what it is?

Annieann77 said...

Gotta hate when you write a good post and blogger "eats" it! he he

I like your new layout !

Anonymous said...

I really love the new layout of the blog. It seems to flow now, great job! I noticed the outer-bricks scroll and the inner-bricks do not; this is a nice graphic display. Kudos!