Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Diet pills and supplements for weight loss

Calories eaten yesterday: 1866 (I was starving!)
Fat: 110g (54%)
Carbs: 38g (8%)
Protein: 133g (29%)

Calories burned in exercise today: 117

I hope you all like the new layout. I got really tired of the parchment paper background and did some investigating and then playing with my template. I swear if I had to look at that brown any longer I was going to scream. I was also really tired of the sidebar being on the left. I did my best to make everything reader-friendly. The best part is that now that I know how to change all the background images I can custom tailor themes with the backgrounds I have.

My carbs will be a bit higher the next several days. 1) I'll be taking Airborne to fight off any colds that might result from my surgery tomorrow, and that stuff is 1 carb per serving, and I need to take three servings a day. 2) I bought more Dexatrim Max 2-0. It really does help curb my appetite (one of the few things I've tried that works), but it's 3 carbs per serving. It's also expensive, so I keep my servings to one per day.

Speaking of diet pills, I also bought more SlimQuick today. The package says to take for one month and I realized that one bottle won't last a whole month. I also stopped at GNC to check on Pyruvate (more further down), and I saw that they had Xenadrine NRG (review). This is something I eyed at my health club. GNC had it on sale so it was cheaper so I bought it. I won't use it until I finish with the SlimQuick regimen, though. I also bought more Slim Mints today. I don't think they help me lose weight, but they are a reasonably good sugar-free mint, so I carry them in my purse.

Now about the Pyruvate I mentioned. I came across the following in the diet book I'm reading right now, Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan (a review is eventually coming). His anti low-carb bias aside, this may be a good natural metabolism booster for people on low-carb diets.

Pyruvate is a substance that was patented for use in weight loss. The mechanism of its action is somewhat complicated, but basically pyruvate is one of the substances that is formed when the body breaks down sugar. The idea is to force the body to use up energy in order to metabolize the pyruvate. However, this only works in the absence of carbohydrates in the diet. It is really not practical or effective for someone who is eating a reasonable diet and exercising (pg. 228).

When I read this I scurried down to GNC. I eat very few carbohydrates; this could help me! They didn't have it in stock, but said they do carry it, so I may be able to get some in the future. They called around but no other nearby stores had it.

Of course, there's also a flipside to the pyruvate idea.

My oral surgery is tomorrow at 9 a.m. I have a much better chance of a shorter wait by getting in earlier. I'm taking the day off work. The L-Glutamine powder (review) that I ordered from the health food store came in, and I need to pick that up. It's a straight shot down Broadway from the dentist. Then I need to do laundry, and Brad and I are going grocery shopping after he gets off work.

Oh, to answer a comment on yesterday's blog entry, yes I have had my body fat measured. It's hovered right around 24% for probably a year now. My weight training hasn't seemed to effect it. And while I look slim in the picture, I'm a bit above that weight now. I was 142 there, a weight I wasn't able to hold. I usually hover around 145 and right now I'm around 150 due to all the crap I ate on my birthday. Trust me, I only wish I looked like that picture right now.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for your recovery after your oral surgery. Lord, grant her rest with no pain. Give her a quick recovery. =-)

Anonymous said...

That's B, V.

TooFatToFly said...

Love the new look to you blog :-)

I was sorry to hear about Bogie passing away. Must be upsetting for your sister, though 11 years old is a good age to reach for a large dog.

Kind regards

Lins x