Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's my Friday!

Calories eaten yesterday: 1923
Fat: 108g (53%)
Carbs: 49g (11%)
Protein: 124g (27%)

Calories burned in exercise today: 322

Blood sugar this morning was 101. Blah. I can't wait until it gets back down to normal.

Part of the putty they put on my teeth and gums to help the stitches heal came out this morning. I think I swallowed it with my bacon at breakfast (!). The rest is still in; just one small part came out. Last time the dentist said not to worry if the putty came out, and all of it is coming out tomorrow anyway when they take out the stitches. Once they take everything out my mouth will be sensitive to hot and cold for a while. The heat sensitivity should go away within a week; the cold sensitivity will take about a month. Fun fun.

Made it to the gym today. I did 45 minutes of weights, 30 minutes of cardio on the crossramp elliptical, and 26 minutes walking on the treadmill. It really tired me out so I had a Diet Rock Star energy drink when I got to work.

Still no word on tomorrow's activities (hang out with Brad or dinner with Brad, Lisa, and Davina). I guess I'll update here on Sunday.

I have the unsweetened baker's chocolate so I'm going to make the Dixie Diner low-carb devil's food cake this weekend. It calls for the frosting being whipped up heavy whipping cream topped with strawberries, but I think I'll use cream cheese mixed with Splenda since it's thicker. I could also top it with sugar-free chocolate chips, or mix them into the batter. That'll be my potluck offering. I could also make vegetable casserole.

I need to cut back on the supplements. The creatine I'll only take on gym days, and the glutamine is a powder, so no trouble there. Same with the Dexatrim - it disolves in water (and actually does curb appetite). And once the Relacore is gone I won't buy more. That's six pills a day. I don't want to stop the pyruvate because it's good for low-carb diets and also has calcium in it, something lacking in my diet. I don't want to cut out the carnitine either, but may have to choose between the two. I have to keep up with the SlimQuick until it's all gone, so it's best to cut back on the pyruvate or carnitine - at least skip those in the morning when I take the bulk of my pills including all my vitamins (which I'll never stop taking).

Vitamins are muy importante. Everyone should take them since our soil is so depleted and we don't burn or eat as much as our ancestors. In case you wonder what I take, I get subsidized Kirkland vitamins through my employer. I take the Kirkland Daily Multivitamin Pack. That has six pills in it. It has 100% of just about everything. I also take an extra Kirkland B-50. It really gives me energy and since B is water-soluble, it's very hard to OD on. Of course, I also take my medication (one small white pill).

You may have noticed my calories have gone up in the last week or so. I'm trying an experiment to eat a bit more and see if maybe my inability to lose is related to eating too little rather than too much. I'm using FitDay and staying under the number of calories it says I burn per day. I don't want to gain!

I just got an e-mail about the last Left Behind book coming out in April. This one is called Kingdom Come - The Final Victory. A lot of people think I'm stupid for actually liking this series, but what's wrong with it? It's Christian fiction (some would contend bad Christian fiction). But I think a lot of people lose sight of the fiction part. You don't have to believe in a pre-trib rapture to enjoy the books. Here's my Amazon Listmania list of all the books in chronological order.

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Spider63 said...

I have been visiting the dentist too, so it is interesting to read your experiences. I used to take carnitine, and I honestly do not think it did much for me. Creatine has a lot more effect on the muscles, IMHO. You seem to be putting in a lot of time and effort into your work outs, good for you!