Monday, April 23, 2007

Personal Training, Session 1

Calories eaten yesterday: 1355
Fat: 40g (29%)
Carbs: 99g (32%)
Protein: 125g (40%)
Calories burned in exercise yesterday: 267

Weight this morning: 143.4 (One week ago: 143)
Calories burned in exercise today: 267

Bleh. A 0.4 gain over yesterday. I know I'm bloated and retaining water. Hopefully it will be gone soon.

I had my first of five half hour personal training sessions today. Jason, the trainer, had said he would weight and measure me at the first session, but I guess he forgot because when I showed up he said "Are you ready to workout?" I said yes. He said, "Then let's go workout!" I thought about asking him, "Weren't we supposed to weigh and measure?" but decided against it. It's not needed. What is needed is making sure I have the right form in my exercises. We did arm, shoulder, and back stuff. He said I slouched and needed better posture and the exercises he showed me will help open up my chest. He said I have the beginning of the "V" shape in my shoulders, but that I'm not there yet. (I will be!) The "V" shape is wide shoulders (from muscle) tapering down to a smaller waist.

Jason doesn't yet have my paperwork and finally just said, "This session was on the house." I hope he really means that and I'll get 6 session instead of 5!

My next session is next Monday.

Whew! Here I am in week 8 of NutriSystem! Wow. The past two months has really flown by. The food exchange I'm doing with another woman from the forum is working out. The food she sent me arrived today. Her daughter was on NS, then decided not to do it, and this was the food left over. I am sending her six breakfasts from my second free week (bars and cereals) and that is going out tomorrow. She sent me a couple items that I can't eat - the Black Beans with Rice and the Thick Crust Pizza (40g carbs - yikes!). I gave those to Brad. I went through the rest of the meals, divided them into lunches and dinners, and placed them in plastic bags in one of the drawers here at work. I'll just eat from those bags until they are gone and then go back to the NS food I have at home. There was one egg breakfast that I may have tomorrow.

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