Monday, April 02, 2007

Week 5, Day 2

Calories eaten yesterday: 1462
Fat: 41g (26%)
Carbs: 97g (27%)
Protein: 130g (36%)
Weight this morning: 145.8
Calories burned in exercise today: 299

I realized I said I was going to post a pic of myself taken at dinner Saturday night and then I didn't. Here's the paragraph I wrote, and this time, the photo. Click it to enlarge it.

Here's a picture of me taken last night at Applebee's. The dessert is the Weight Watchers chocolate raspberry cake. It was totally not worth it in terms of price, size, or taste. It was expensive, tiny, and didn't taste great. It was okay, just not worth it. I won't do that again.

me with wine and cake

And here's my sister's ultrasound photo. Yes, my sister is preggers! She's about 12 weeks along. You have got to see the larger size of this by clicking on it.
my sister's ultrasound photo

Made it to the gym. Did one hour of weights and a half hour cardio. Bought more Creatine and it was even on sale. Coolness.

My gym has another deal going. Five half hour sessions of personal training for $99. I had them check if I'm eligible for this deal, and I am! I really do want this, but now I've got to find 99 more dollars on top of what I owe for NutriSystem, and trying to get the money together for Conference this summer. Argh.

Speaking of NutriSystem, my shipment is en route and will arrive tomorrow or Wednesday.

I think I am getting sick again. My throat feels weird today. What is it with this sudden spate of sickness? I used to never get sick and now I have already had two colds this year! All I have on hand is Vitamin C so I'll dose up on that. *sigh* I only have three sick days left until September. I can't afford to get sick!

More NutriSystem food reviews:
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Biscotti dessert - Pretty good. In fact, pretty darn great as long as you have coffee to dip it in. :) I only reordered one because my order shipped before I had a chance to try this.

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