Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Signed up for personal training

Calories eaten yesterday: 1452
Fat: 34g (23%)
Carbs: 139g (41%) (YIKES!)
Protein: 123g (36%)

Weight this morning: 142.2 (One week ago: 142.6)
Calories burned in exercise today: 236

I started taking the BCAAs yesterday. Hopefully it can help me in maintaining muscle mass. I was told to take 5g before and after I work out.

I hit 50 clicks on the "Daily Dose" on Sunday. No $10 e-mail coupon from NS, though, so I had to call them and they applied it. That brings me up to $70 in coupons off my next order (two $30 coupons from people who signed up, and one $10 coupon from the Daily Dose).

As you can see from my stats, my carbs are getting pretty high. I just have to remind myself that I have to get through this free week of food that arrived yesterday and then they will get back into a reasonable range again. At least the meatloaf and potatoes dinner I am having tonight has the potatos separate so I can have a couple bites of the potatos and toss the rest. Those carbs will show up in my journal, but not on my hips. ;)

I signed up for the "Summer ShapeUp" at 24 Hour Fitness today. I requested Jason as my personal trainer, the guy who did my weigh and measure last time. I'm so excited about this!

I tried to get an early start, but missed that bus anyway, and by the time I stopped at the bank and then signed up I was quite a bit behind schedule. I did an hour of weights, quit, and then walked the last 1.5 miles to work for my cardio.

Here's pics of my NutriSystem bear. Click them to enlarge. She is now sitting on my bed, reminding me of my hard work every time I look at her. :)

my 10 lb. NutriSystem bear
the 10 lb. NutriSystem bear

me with my 10 lb. NutriSystem bear
me with my 10 lb. NutriSystem bear

More NutriSystem food reviews:
Black Beans with Rice lunch - Part of my free week. I gave this to Brad since it has 27g net carbs and only 7g protein. I did ask to taste it though and had two bites. I found it rather bland and tasteless. I offered Brad some fat free sour cream for it and he accepted.

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Sparky's Girl said...

Whar a cute bear! Congrats on all your success!

Annieann77 said...

The Black Beans w/rice is one of my fav's! :) That and the Tex Mex rice!