Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Week 6, Day 4

Calories eaten yesterday: 1465
Fat: 40g (27%)
Carbs: 95g (28%)
Protein: 116g (34%)

Weight this morning: 141.8 (One week ago: 141.2)
Calories burned in exercise today: 94

Grocery day. Walked to work from BART for the exercise.

I can see that my current pair of walking shoes will be worn out by the time Bay To Breakers happens, so since tomorrow is payday I stopped at Payless Shoes and bought two pairs of tennis shoes. I had to get two because they are still running their "buy one, get one half off" sale. Both pairs of shoes, including a package of colored laces, was just under $40. One of the pairs is the same as my current favorite pair, just with a slightly different design. I'll break them in, then save them for Bay To Breakers.

The Fettuccini Alfredo lunches that someone from the NS forum gave me arrived today. They are a bit high in carbs (28g net carbs) and low in protein (10g), but it's free so I'll eat it. Originally I thought she meant the dinners, which are higher in protein, but oh well. It's free food and that's something I need.

Dad's check for the month of April arrived today. I need to get it deposited and use it to buy a plane ticket to Conference.

I hit up Mom for the $99 for the personal training at 24 Hour Fitness. It's just borrowed money and I told her I would pay her back in installments. I really want this personal training and feel it would help me.

I'm supposed to give blood on Friday. We'll see how that goes. I'll take an NS snack and Diet Coke with me so I'm not tempted by all the treats they have sitting out.

More NutriSystem food reviews:
Black Bean Tortilla Soup lunch - Pretty tasty, but should be renamed "Black Bean Soup." There wasn't a tortilla to be seen. This was part of my free week and I will not be reordering it due to the carb content. [Edit: Got another free one and I did a blood sugar test with this food on 4/24/07. 85 to start and a little over an hour later (I forgot to test at 45 minutes) I was 105. It much have really spiked by blood sugar to still be high after 65 minutes.]

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