Monday, April 30, 2007

Personal Training, Session 2

food scaleCalories eaten yesterday: 1202
Fat: 35g (27%)
Carbs: 106g (37%)
Protein: 98g (34%)
Calories burned in exercise: 104

Weight this morning: 141.8 (One week ago: 143.4)
Calories burned in exercise today: 260

Had my second personal training session. Jason said I'm in the Jump Start program, which is supposed to be basic, so we just did leg stuff on machines. Dangit! I want more advanced stuff. I'll ask him more about the exercises I'm already doing and make sure I'm doing them right, as well as some of the exercises I see in Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine.

I finally decided that my Mom's old Weight Watchers analog food scale isn't going to cut it any longer. The photo above is the one I just bought off eBay. It's supposed to hold 6.6 lbs., weigh in ounces or grams, and have a tare feature to zero it out. It was about $25 including shipping. I need to be able to weigh stuff more exactly rather than trying to eyeball 40g (or whatever) on the analog scale.

My packages came today - a large envelope with a bunch of NutriSystem desserts in it - chocolate pudding (5) and hot cocoa (4) and the chocolate milk drink (5). Also a bunch of lunches and dinners and a few snacks I ordered from another woman. I entered the foods into FitDay and stashed them in a drawer at work. There's no use taking it all home when I eat most of my meals here.

My first Walden Farms order also arrived. I ordered twice since they had such a good deal going. :) I got mostly salad dressings in this order.

Lynn decided to be an idiot and buy a sheet cake cheap and bring it in for Network Control people. I had a few bites and then took it down the hall to the office where the night shift puts snacks. I don't need that kind of temptation around me. I swear she is trying to sabotage me! I made it clear to her that the only cake I would put up with is if it was someone's birthday - and it's not!

I am totally addicted to Quaker's Old Fashioned oatmeal. A little Walden Farms chocolate syrup and it tastes like I'm eating dessert for breakfast instead of something healthy. Yummy. This is permissible on Atkins, too, as long as it's old fashioned rather than instant.

On weekends I cook the oatmeal in low-carb Soy Slender soy milk and top with sugar-free chocolate syrup, sugar-free chocolate chips, and fresh berries (photo). Ooo la la!

Speaking of which, I had the oatmeal for breakfast this morning and it did seem to give me more energy at the gym. I'll have to try this again on gym days. I just need to add a couple egg whites to jack up the protein content. The oatmeal only has 5g - not nearly enough when I am weight training. Two egg whites adds 7g more and only 33 calories.

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Diamondwife said...

I put vanilla protein powder in my oatmeal to up the protein content. I also add cinnamon and a bit of sugar free maple syrup, yummy.