Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Calories eaten yesterday: 1338
Fat: 31g (22%)
Carbs: 112g (36%)
Protein: 130g (42%)

Weight this morning: 140.8 (One week ago: 141)
Calories burned in exercise today: 88

Well, today is Beltane but so far it's been okay. In the past this has been a tough day for me.

The good news is that it's my spiritual birthday in two days. I'll be 11. :) Where have the years gone?

Went grocery shopping today so my only exercise was the 1.5 mile walk to work. Hopefully I can hit the gym tomorrow.

I'm SO hungry and not losing weight. Hopefully this is my body's last ditch attempt to hold onto the weight before I drop some more. I can hope, right?

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