Sunday, May 13, 2007

Week 10 Weigh-In

First, my weigh-in numbers.
Start: 154
Week 1: 150 (-4) - Week 2: 148.6 (-1.4)
Week 3: 146 (-2.6) - Week 4: 147.2 (+1.2)
Week 5: 145.6 (-1.6) - Week 6: 144 (-1.6)
Week 7: 143 (-1) - Week 8: 142.8 (-0.2)
Week 9: 143.6 (+0.8) - Week 10: 141.2 (-2.4)
Total loss: -12.8

Ok, now to catch up on other numbers.
Calories eaten Thursday: 1406
Fat: 34g (22%)
Carbs: 87g (26%)
Protein: 138g (41%)
Weight Thursday morning: 138.8 (One week before: 138.6)
Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 248

Calories eaten Friday: 1328
Fat: 29g (20%)
Carbs: 120g (37%)
Protein: 64g (20%)
Weight Friday morning: 137.6 (One week before: 138)
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 345

This equals my lowest weight ever! Yay!

Weight Saturday morning: 137.8 (One week before: 140)
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 0

Under 140 five days in a row! That might be a record for me. Not sure. It is a record since starting NutriSystem.

I did well this past week. 2.4 pounds down makes up for last week's gain. That's 1.6 pounds down over two weeks. Could be better, but could be worse, too. That's about 3/4 of a pound per week (0.8 lbs). Due to the race next week I'll show a gain, but that's okay. I'll get back to NS and lose it again. It will just delay my getting to goal. Hopefully I'll see a new all time low this week. Anyway, because I'll show a big gain next week I'm not changing my tickers this week.

Friday I redyed by hair blue. It's really dark blue right now but will fade.

Then I went walking with Brad. We covered about 6.5 miles. We went up the trail by the parking lot to the East Ridge Trail, along that to Phillips Loop. Down Phillip's Loop to Eucalyptus, and then down Eucalyptus to the Stream Trail. Followed the Stream Trail all the way back to the parking lot.

After that we went to WalMart where I bought another 20 lb. dumbbell so that I have two (already had one), more EAS protein shakes, and a new plastic garbage can. My old one was plastic and molding. When plastic starts to mold it's time to get rid of it! Then we went to Starbucks for coffee.

Saturday Brad took me to Cameron's British pub in Half Moon Bay. Another place to add to my "do not visit" list. I couldn't get any entree because they were all served with only sugars (cole slaw) or starches (potato, french fries, etc.). There was no hot veggie I could sub in. I had to settle for a lobster salad that was way too salty. I drank too much Friday so I just had Diet Pepsi to drink.

This morning I called Mom while heading to the gym since it's Mother's Day. She sounded much better, but is on an all liquid diet due to her stomach tube.

The race is a week from today! I'll be eating a lot of spinach to get my iron level up before the race. I'm still a bit low on blood and figure I can counteract that a bit by upping my iron levels. So I will be having spinach salads Tuesday-Friday.

I have so little energy on NutriSystem. Part of it is the decrease in calories, but I think part is the higher carbs. I just don't do well on so many carbs. Brad wants me to go back to low-carb, and I want to go back to low-carb. I'm going to work on doing better at getting my carbs on NS down. I just feel so much better and have more energy when my carbs are low.

Here's some photos from the weekend. Click any of them to enlarge.

view from the East Ridge Trail
view from the East Ridge Trail

Brad and sun
Brad and sun on East Ridge Trail

me at Starbucks
me at Starbucks

lobster salad - my dinner Saturday night
lobster salad - my dinner Saturday night

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Sofie said...

Congrats! I just started on my weight loss journey and I'm finding inspiration from reading blogs like yours.

One question. What can you order at Starbucks that won't blow the diet?

Fat Victoria said...

Small nonfat, sugar-free latte (about 100 calories) and a small lite frappaccino (coffee, caramel, or mocha - 150 calories).

Fat Victoria said...

One note: In the Starbucks picture I am just drinking regular black coffee with sugar-free syrup - nothing special. The coffee has about 5 calories.