Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New all-time low!

Calories eaten yesterday: 1171
Fat: 37g (30%)
Carbs: 82g (30%)
Protein: 108g (39%)

Weight this morning: 137.2 (One week ago: 138.6)
Calories burned in exercise today: 262

A new all-time low for me! Woohoo! My previous low weight (on Atkins) was 137.6! It's unofficial of course, but the first step to an official low is an unofficial low. :) I have a feeling I'll be up tomorrow. My body will go, "Whoa there! Not so fast," and hold onto weight. Hey body, relax. Three more days and you'll get lots of food to store as fat and make you happy. Okay?!? So please just cooperate until then.

I'm totally tickled pink! I'm trying to be really good this week because I will gain a ton over the weekend with the carb binging.

Today was my last gym workout before the race. My butt is still sore from Monday so I focused on arms, back, and core today. Now I think every muscle in my body aches, lol! My shoulders sure are sore. Ah well. It's a good pain. Tomorrow I will sleep in (yay!) and just do some walking, then have total rest for two days (Friday/Saturday).

On my way to the gym this morning a guy sat next to me in the bus with one of those huge slices of pizza in a box and ate it. And it was my favorite: pepperoni! Why are some people so cruel? Then after my workout as I waited for the train a woman down the platform pulled out a Subway cookie and ate it. I love Subway cookies! Here I am trying to be good because I'm going to gain this weekend and I have all these delicious foods eaten in front of my face! Argh!!!

Saturday plan: I'll get home from church and order the pizza right away. I'll get a large cheesy bites pizza, 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 Hawaiian (will they do that?). It looks like the brownie bites for dessert are Domino's, but Pizza Hut has something called a "Cherry Dessert Pizza." That sounds good. :) Call Brad as soon as I am home so he can come straight over. Save out two slices of pizza for Sunday breakfast. Sent any extra food (yeah right, lol!) home with Brad.

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Congrats! Keep up the good work!

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Way to go on the new all-time low! That rocks! :-)