Sunday, May 06, 2007

Week 9 Weigh-In

First, my weigh-in numbers.
Start: 154
Week 1: 150 (-4) - Week 2: 148.6 (-1.4)
Week 3: 146 (-2.6) - Week 4: 147.2 (+1.2)
Week 5: 145.6 (-1.6) - Week 6: 144 (-1.6)
Week 7: 143 (-1) - Week 8: 142.8 (-0.2)
Week 9: 143.6 (+0.8)
Total loss: -10.4

Ok, now to catch up on other numbers.
Calories eaten Thursday: 1446
Fat: 37g (23%)
Carbs: 88g (24%)
Protein: 142g (39%)
Weight Thursday morning: 138.8 (One week before: 138.6)
Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 263

Calories eaten Friday: 1310
Fat: 28g (20%)
Carbs: 104g (33%)
Protein: 75g (24%)
Weight Friday morning: 138 (One week before: 139)
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 335

Weight Saturday morning: 140 (One week before: 139.2)
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 0

Crap. I gained almost a pound. *sigh* I always get stuck at this weight. :( I even saw a new low on Friday (138), but somehow gained almost 5 1/2 pounds over that. Even my ring is tight. I can't get it off without some sort of lubrication. My body hates me. I haven't lost any weight in three weeks!

It was a busy weekend.

First, I don't know if I wrote about it, but a week ago Thursday while I was washing clothes, someone tried to convince me to let them in the building and into my apartment. A black girl was standing outside the front entrance. I guess she saw me in the laundry room since the window in the laundry room looks out on the street. She was saying, "I really need to pee. I've been waiting for the bus and it isn't coming." I told her the buses don't run this late and that I didn't know her and she didn't know anyone in the building, so - sorry, but I can't let you in.

Was she on the up and up? Who knows? She could have had a knife or had a boyfriend waiting in the bushes with a gun. No way was I letting her into the building and God forbid - into my apartment. Do criminals really think people are that stupid? I guess some are.

Anyway, I mention that incident because of what happened this last Friday. I got a call on my home phone from someone claiming to be from a collection company. She said I had a $50.02 check to WalMart that had bounced. I don't write checks at WalMart; I always use my debit card. She asked if my account had funds to cover it. Since she woke me up and I was still half asleep I said I thought my account did. She said it would cost $11 to put the check through again and asked for my debit card number. I was in bed and didn't have my card with me. I also wanted a chance to look this up in my checkbook since I didn't remember writing a check to WalMart. I told her to call me back. Of course she never did. I looked through my checkbook and there was no purchase that I've made at WalMart with a check, and no debit card purchase for $50.02.

At first I thought someone might be trying to use some old checks of mine; I did have my purse stolen last year. Now I think this woman was purpetrating a phishing scame on me - attempting to get me to give her personal information. Many phishing attempts these days are via e-mail or Web site, but some people still use the old form of phishing - call someone on the phone pretending to work for some company and try to trick people into giving you their credit card information. Some people still fall for it. Thank God I didn't.

After the phone call I managed to fall back asleep and did some sleuthing when I woke up.

Friday afternoon Brad and I went walking. We took the Stream Trail all the way up to the upper parking area, then back along the East Ridge Trail and down an unnamed trail to the lower parking lot. My pedomater said 6.7 miles and it took as 2 hours and 18 minutes, but I took a lot of short steps climbing up or going down hills.

Here's some photos. Click them to enlarge.

climbing up the Stream Trail
me on the Stream Trail

view from the Stream Trail
view from the Stream Trail

halfway there - top of the Stream Trail
(click on the photo to see the notes)
Halfway there - top of the Stream Trail

Saturday was the 24 Hours of Flickr project. You are supposed to journal your life in pictures for one day. I created a new photo set for my photos, which can be found here. If you want to see what a pretty typical Saturday is for me, don't miss it. :)

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