Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Week 13, Day 3

Calories eaten yesterday: 1394
Fat: 41g (27%)
Carbs: 71g (21%)
Protein: 162g (48%)

Weight this morning: 138.4 (One week ago: 143.8)
Calories burned in exercise today: 96

Back into the 130s and a new low for a Tuesday. My previous Tuesday low was 139.2. Of course, working though my old Atkins meals this week has lowered my carbs so I'm sure there's some water weight lost that will come back when I finish them.

Update on the identity theft and phone calls. The collection company calling me is on the up and up. Someone has used my name and ID to set up an account at Bank of America and write a bad check to WalMart. I need to go through Telecheck to fix it and it order to do that I need to file an official police report. Hopefully I can do that this Friday. I think the technical name for what they have done to me is check fraud.

I have told the collection company that the bad check is not from me, but they keep calling anyway, usually early in the morning when I'm asleep. I've taken to leaving the ringer on the phone off just so I can sleep. I also need to call B of A and see if there is anything they can do.

At any rate, that whole thing is a mess. My wallet has been stolen once and the entire purse once in the last few years. Now someone is impersonating me. I put a fraud alert on my credit report and printed out my free report. So far everything on it looks good. I need my credit to be good because I can't afford the constant rent increases at my current apartment. There are tons of cat-friendly apartments out there for only $700 a month (yes, only $700 - rents here are quite high).

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