Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Personal Training, Session 5

Calories eaten yesterday: 1302
Fat: 42g (30%)
Carbs: 95g (30%)
Protein: 120g (38%)

Weight this morning: 138.4 (One week ago: 139.6)
Calories burned in exercise today: 263

Same weight as yesterday. :( My body hates me and wants to be fat. I usually lose all week and then gain over the weekend when I eat too much and don't drink enough water. I drank enough yesterday and my eating was good.

The personal training went well. I asked Jason about deadlifts and he showed me the one where you bend your legs, and the one where you don't. He also had me do some squats on the Smith machine and another machine.

I also asked him about push-ups. He took a couple 8 lb. dumbbells to stabilize my wrists (why haven't I thought of that?!). He looked at my form and said my hips were sagging and to concentrate on sticking my butt out to keep my hips up. He then showed me some combo moves.

The first combo: bend down with dumbbells in hand, bending your knees until you are squatting all the way down; explode back into a push-up position; do a push-up; do a row motion on each side with the dumbbells; explode back into the full squat and stand up grasping the dumbbells; do a bicep curl with each arm, then do the Arnold Press.

The second combo: get into the push-up position, palms flat on floor, feet further apart than usual; do a push-up; when you come up, twist your body and raise one arm straight into the air; back to center; another push-up; twist to the other side and raise the other arm. This can also be combined with the above, substituting the twisting for the row. The twisting is a bit of a challenge balance-wise. My balance has never been great.

I'm getting a lot of good ideas from this trainer because I come with questions and things I want to try instead of letting him lead me through a set program.

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manny hernandez said...

I commend you on your incredible initiative! It's truly inspiring.

I want to also want to invite you to join Tu Diabetes at It's a Social Network for people touched by diabetes.

We're 45 people so far, and growing by the day: it would be so great to have you on board!!