Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Week 10, Day 4

Calories eaten yesterday: 1316
Fat: 39g (28%)
Carbs: 96g (30%)
Protein: 130g (41%)

Weight this morning: 138.6 (One week ago: 139.6)
Calories burned in exercise today: 88

The first time I saw the 130s was Week 6 on the program, and that was just for two days (although I forgot to weigh that Saturday). The next week I also spent two days in the 130s. The next week four days. Last week it was three days. So far this week I've been under 140 two days, and I first saw that under-140 number on Tuesday. I've never seen it so early in the week before. My low weight to beat so far on NutriSystem is 138. My lowest weight of all time is 137.6.

Conference themeBooked my plane ticket to General Conference today. Since the last time I checked, Expedia's price went up and Southwest's went down. So I booked on Southwest. $178 from Oakland, California to Portland, Oregon. Not bad! The money I have in savings should cover room, board, and Conference fees, though I would dearly love to come up with the extra $95 to get my own room. I printed out two registration forms, one for a shared room ($314 total) and one for my own room ($408 total). I'll have to see how much I have in savings. Off the top of my head I think it's around $350.

Salad SpritzerBought groceries today and found a new Salad Spritzer flavor - Balsamic Breeze - and it was on sale: buy one get one free! I'm going to try it on tonight's salad. So far the only one I have seen was the Red Wine Mist. At first I didn't like the Salad Spritzers, but they have grown on me. :) I also bought spinach salad to eat next week to get my iron level up before the race, and more boneless skinless chicken breast to help me do diet-friendly meals even when I can't afford my next NS order.

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Diamondwife said...

The Balsamic Breeze is GOOD. It is even better if you use a bit of grated parmesan on your salad. It's the only dressing I use now. On a lower calorie plan it is a good way to cut out extra calories.

Diamondwife said...

I went to walmart today and they had 3 new flavors, french, caesar, and raspberry vinaigrette. I bought the raspberry and it was really good too. I'll probably get the caesar next week but not the french because I don't even care for regular french dressing.