Thursday, May 31, 2007

Week 13, Day 5

Calories eaten yesterday: 1370
Fat: 37g (25%)
Carbs: 72g (22%)
Protein: 167g (50%)

Weight this morning: 138 (One week ago: 138.4)
Calories burned in exercise today: 210

Unless I have a sudden whoosh I'm going to show a gain this week. :(

I was going to go to the gym today, but when I woke up my hamstrings were sore from all the work yesterday. I thought I could still do my arms, but I decided to do a few push-ups on dumbbells to see if I could use my 10 lb. dumbbells to stabilize myself (I can), and WHOOPS!, my upper body is sore as well. So I stayed home and did 30 minutes on my exercise bike while watching TV and then I walked from the BART station to work.

Plans for the weekend:
Brad and I need to file the police report tomorrow regarding the check fraud. Then we will go for just a short walk since we will also be walking Saturday. Saturday he will pick me up after Sabbath School at about 1 pm and we will go walking around Lafayette Reservoir (2.7 miles) and have a picnic lunch. I think I'll pack a peanut butter sandwich, a turkey and cheese sandwich (with low- or no-fat ingredients), both on low-carb bread, and some canned green beans mixed with low-fat mayonnaise.

Regarding the check fraud, I called Bank of America, and they told me to call the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC said they would send me some papers I needed to make out and then take to the bank to dispute the fraudulent account.

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