Monday, June 11, 2007

Personal Training, Session 7

Calories eaten yesterday: 1226
Fat: 30g (23%)
Carbs: 90g (30%)
Protein: 135g (46%)

Weight this morning: 138.8 (One week ago: 139.8)
Calories burned in exercise today: 219

Well, back into the 130s again at least. :)

Had my last personal training session today. We did core work - abs and back. Jason had me doing the bench and crunch machines in the ab section, then we went into the aerobics room and did some V sits and plank variations, such as lifting one leg while doing the plank, or putting your arms or feet on a ball. He said the smaller the ball, the less surface area it had and the harder the exercise would be. With my arms he had me on a 45cm ball (I think - it was yellow), but when we did feet he had me on a 55cm ball. Another core exercise is a variation of the reverse crunch. You do the reverse crunch, but then thrust your legs straight up, lifting your middle back off the floor. Do this slowly (no bouncing!) with your legs straight up (not at an angle) and you will feel the stress in your abs.

For back work we did the superman thing where you raise your arms and legs like you're flying. Also T's and Y's where your put your arms out to the side or out to the side and slightly up, and then just raise your front half off the ground. On the T's use your hands to give a "thumbs up" to keep them positioned right, and on the Y's try to turn your palms upward when you lift your body. I had a lot of trouble with the Y's. I need to work on these because my back needs a lot of work.

I asked for the t-shirt I was supposed to get with the program. I tried on the woman's medium, but it was tight under the arms. The large was a little tight, but didn't show off my figure. The men's medium just hung off me (he couldn't find a men's small). He finally sent me away with both the woman's medium and large and told me to stretch the arms of the medium to make it fit better. Looking at the cut of the shirt, if worse comes to worse, I could probably have it altered into a tank top.

He said he wanted to see me in a week or two for an evaluation, weigh and measure, body fat, etc. I set up an appointment for next Thursday morning. I hope the news is all good!

I'm really glad I did this. I have so many more ideas for exercises now. :)

The one thing he said that got to me was that I'm not eating enough. He wants me eating 15-1600 calories a day, not the 1300 a day I said I ate. That might be maintenance for me, but I can't eat that and lose weight! He also suggested that I'm eating too much protein, but I said I like protein. I'm doing a lower carb diet and adding fat doesn't satisfy me and runs the calories up too fast. Protein has the same calories that carbs do, so it's easiest for me to add protein. I did say that most of my protein was from real food; I only have a protein shake on days I work out.

In other news, my Earthlink prepayment is due. Just what I need when money is already tight is another $240 out the door. I pay a year in advance and get $2 off per month by doing that. That works out to $24 a year, which is like getting over one month free. I got the June check from Dad and that helped cover it, but the rest of the money came from grocery money. I'll buy groceries tomorrow, but only what I need to get through the week - no extras. I'll get fresh veggies, cottage cheese, and the ingredients for the vegetable casserole that I'll make for Brad and I this weekend. Probably some berries, too.

I can't wait to get out from under this NutriSystem debt. It has really run my food bill up trying to afford the NS food and also buy all the add-ins. Just one more order and that will be it for me. (I have a lot of coupons so my order will only be around $200 instead of $300.)

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