Thursday, June 07, 2007

Week 14, Day 5

Calories eaten yesterday: 1243
Fat: 41g (30%)
Carbs: 93g (31%)
Protein: 113g (38%)

Weight this morning: 135.6 (One week ago: 138)
Calories burned in exercise today: 217

Not just a new low for a Thursday, but a new low period! :) Woohoo! So far I've been at or below goal two days this week - same as the last two weeks. So if I can stay at or below goal tomorrow it'll be another milestone! :)

They have banned posts soliciting coupons on the NutriSystem forum. That was helping me pay for my order so now I'm SOL. :( My next order was going to be my last one anyway, but now it will cost me more than it could have. I made another payment today, but I still owe $230 on order #2, never mind order #3! Sucks majorly.

If anyone is planning on starting NutriSystem, please e-mail me at and I'll send you a $30 off coupon, and I will also get $30 off! :)

Brad has Abraham this weekend so rather than trying to deal with how to feed a junk-food-loving obese teenager I told Brad that the three of us could go walking (Abe will really slow us down), and then they could go out to dinner and I'll go home. I said don't bother to come over Saturday and I'll just entertain myself. A little alone time at home with my cats might be nice. I said we could just walk around the lake. It's flat and so would be easier for Abe than many other places Brad and I walk. I was going to make cauliflower faux potatoes for Saturday dinner, but I'll either make it for church or just wait until next weekend.

The troll who desecrated the Seventh Day Baptist Yahoo group seems to still be angry that he was asked to leave (which he voluntarily did). I can't prove it's him (but we all know it is), but the day after he leaves I start getting a ton of spam mail - about 250 messages since last night! He says he's Jewish, but he is such a poor reflection of God that I doubt it. He absolutely hates anyone who believes in Jesus. He's not out to convert; he's out to spread his anger and misery around to others, and then is offended that no one takes him seriously. I put my Spamblocker back on "high" again. Oh well. This will dovetail well with soliciting posts being banned at NS. I won't have to worry about missing an e-mail requesting a coupon because I won't get any. Every cloud has a silver lining, right?

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Susan said...

First off, GREAT job on your new low. That's awesome!

Secondly, I was away from the computer all afternoon - NS doesn't allow coupon posts any more?

Just wondering - have you tried taking your coupon code and just adding the next number in sequence? I've discovered some coupons they didn't tell me about that way (one was a Buddy Bucks I never got notified about, and I had a customer service problem recently and I think they must have given me a $10 credit twice). Every now and then I just plug that in to see if it pulls up something. They always give you a coupon in numerical order.

Susan said...

Whoops - I forgot to say this is Susan, sockmonkeyninja on the NS boards. :)

size8jeans said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll try that.

No, they don't allow coupon posts anymore. There was a thread about it earlier before the whole board went down.

Bought some lunches off eBay today. That's my main concern since that is one meal I am NOT ready to do on my own yet.

I'm going to place one more order, probably in about another month after I've delayed it as long as possible, and then that will be it. Hopefully I'll have the weight off by then and figure out how to do lunch.

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size8jeans said...

Comments aren't moderated at the moment, so I didn't nuke anything.