Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Week 15, Day 3

Calories eaten yesterday: 1251
Fat: 30g (22%)
Carbs: 92g (31%)
Protein: 138g (46%)

Weight this morning: 137.2 (One week ago: 137.8)
Calories burned in exercise today: 102

Not quite to my goal weight again. Hopefully tomorrow. At least I am under 140, and it's a new low for a Tuesday.

Took the medium 24 Hour shirt I got yesterday to an alteration place. They quoted me $20 to fix it and it will be ready on Friday. I'm hoping that by taking the sleeves off and turning it into a tank top that it will be more comfy.

Bought some basic groceries. I can't afford it, but I have to eat. I even bought a large bag of baby carrots and then packaged them into 4 oz. snack baggies. I love my digital food scale!

me with DVDsBrad's new laptop computer has a DVD feature on it! I told him to bring it over Saturday afternoon and we would make popcorn and watch the creation videos I bought that I've never been able to see because my DVD player doesn't work.

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