Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Skinny jeans!

Calories eaten yesterday: 1196
Fat: 30g (24%)
Carbs: 83g (29%)
Protein: 132g (46%)

Weight this morning: 136.2 (One week ago: 138.4)
Calories burned in exercise today: 102

A new low for a Wednesday! Yay! And...I can get into my skinny jeans! :) Looking back in my calendar, the first time I was at or below my goal weight (137) was May 17, a Thursday. That was just for one day. The following week I was at or below goal two days - Friday and Saturday. Same for the week after. So today is the first day I've been at or below goal this early in the week. A very good sign. :)

Finally had the money to go grocery shopping today. I bought salad veggies, frozen veggies, a couple of Weight Watchers meals that were on sale, more soy burgers that were on sale, and chicken breast. The chicken breast is all prepped and I'll pop it in the oven tomorrow and cook it while the laundry is going.

I hope to hit the gym again tomorrow.

Update on the identity theft: TRS and Telecheck appear to be the same company. I faxed Telecheck all the information on me that they requested (they wanted a police report and I just got that done last Friday). Now I need to send TRS a letter telling them to "cease and desist" calling me and do that certified mail so I know they got it. I am really hating this, and meanwhile the fraudulent account is still open!

[Later edit: The "skinny jeans" turned out not to be my skinny jeans, though I did find those and they are fitting better.]

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katiep said...

Congratulations on the new low.
Do you have a cheat meal or a whole cheat day on Saturday's? Do you eat low carb or whatever you feel like?
Whatever you are doing seems to be working. Good luck.

size8jeans said...

A whole day. I don't eat anything I feel like, but I do eat some things that aren't low-carb. Overall I try to stick to pigging out on nuts, low-carb ice cream, etc. No potatoes, no pizza, no french fries, etc. If I go out to eat I'll sub out the starch in the meal for hot veggies.