Monday, July 14, 2008

Feline Follies

Calories eaten yesterday: 1219
Fat: 29g (21%)
Carbs: 92g (30%)
Protein: 150g (49%)
Weight this morning: 134.8 (One week ago: 134.6)
Calories burned in exercise today: 433

Crap. I'm up over where I was last week, even though yesterday's official weigh-in was lower. My body wants to hang on to every ounce of weight even though I still need to lose weight (and especially lose body fat).

Made it to the gym today. Did one hour of upper body weight training and some core work, then ran for 32 minutes on the treadmill - 3.15 miles, just over 5k, then I walked to work from the train station.

Tomorrow I plan to hit the gym again and do lower body, then perhaps hit the elliptical machine.

Xena is acting really strange ever since the move. My once aloof cat now begs for attention and wants to be petted, kissed, and scritched. She never play wrestles with Abby anymore, and will often hiss at Abby. She never did that before. She's also taken to drinking out of the toilet when she never did before. (The photos of this will be up on my Flickr account tomorrow.) I think the three days she was locked up alone in the bathroom was more stressful for her than I realized, even though I checked on her every day.

Conversely, Abby is acting like her normal self again - laying on her back in the cat tree with her hind legs sticking out, just like she's done for ages.

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