Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A moving experience...

Weight this morning: didn't get on scale (One week ago: 131.2)
Calories burned in exercise today: 0

Well, I am fat today. I'm busting out of my WalMart shorts, never mind getting into the skinny ones that look so good on me. I have been off plan for two days. I ate mostly healthy, but I ate and ate and ate, probably enough calories in those two days for a week. :-p I am back on track today. I had egg whites and black coffee for breakfast and am having a chicken breast split between lunch and my dinner salad. Mostly I'm just trying to drink a lot.

I haven't been to the gym in a week and won't make it this week. For now I am just focussing on settling into my new place. Hopefully I can get back next Sunday.

I guess I should catch you all up on my move now.

Sunday was my last night in the old house. Brad and I had most everything out of the apartment. We picked up the U-Haul about 10 or 10:30. Then we took his van to pick up the two guys from Teen Challenge. We took them back to the U-Haul place and got the truck. There were only two seats in the front. The two guys rode in the back and we went to the old apartment (photos forthcoming as Brad took a lot to cover us in case the Leungs don't want to give me my deposit back). We got the remaining heavy stuff into the truck, including Abby in her cage. I insisted on riding in the back to the new place as Abby would feel better if she could hear my voice. The remaining three crammed into the truck cab.

At the new apartment we unloaded and I had the men move the boxes away from the wall and the bookcases over to the wall. I gave them a snack, got gas for the truck (just $10 worth), went back to the U-Haul place, paid up (about $60), and Brad and I took the guys back to Teen Challenge in the van. I paid up there ($40), and we went back to start unpacking.

I got Brad to help me with some things, and then he went back to the old apartment to clean. When he got back late that evening we went shopping for all the stuff I will need for my new apartment. I could tell I needed stackable plastic drawers, so I bought two sets ($60) and a bunch of other stuff. That came to about $113. Then we went to Applebee's for drinks. They got rid of the one healthy meal I liked so it's no longer my favorite restaurant.

AT&T didn't get my phone service up on Monday. I called them yesterday and they checked and found a problem with a wire on their end. They fixed it and then I had phone service.

The past few days have blurred into one another. At some point we took my Sears vacuum to a repair place. I called them later and found it needed a bunch of work. We picked it back up and just trashed it. I have another one that works, and there is no carpet in my new place anyway.

We also stopped at a health food store and I ended up buying some Rescue Remedy for Abby to help calm her.

We also went to Office Max to get a new tack board; I also got a small dry erase board for my fridge. Brad hasn't put the tack board up yet, but is supposed to do so today.

We did the laundry at the closest laundromat, but their driers ripped off some of my money and they refused to do anything about it. Later Brad and I walked to the next nearest one to see how far it was and get some exercise. It's 15 minutes each way, so not too bad. We'll try that one next time.

The owner of the new apartment called me as we finished the laundry and said he changed the locks. We met at the apartment and exchanged the old for the new.

Abby has been in the kitchen in her cage. Last night I fed her some tuna with Rescue Remedy in it. Then I moved the cage in front of the bathroom and opened the door. She tried to get out of the bathroom, but I shooed her away from the door. So right now both Xena and Abby are locked in the bathroom. The litter box and food will be in there and I want Abby to know where they are.

After that I swept out the cage, and Brad and I figured out how to fold it flat. We placed in on the base, and slid it into the box it came in. There is NO room in this new apartment for it unless it is collapsed.

We were able to do a lot of stuff yesterday because the Leungs (owners of the old apartment) called and said that the apartment needed repainting before the carpets could be cleaned, so that appointment was off.

Today Direct TV came and installed. They didn't use the dish we brought with us from the old apartment, but the guy did take that dish with him when he left. It is so good to have my Direct TV back! It has been missed.

Brad drove me to work and we stopped at WalMart to get a few more items and get copies of the key made - about $45 for everything.

So yeah, it's been a busy few days and this is the condensed version!

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janey said...

Wow, you have been REALLY busy!
I hope you and the kitties settle well into the new place!

Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) said...

Glad you are finally getting things settled down. Moving is so hard on you. It's so nice to have that done and over with, now you can start focusing on other things again. :)

Arthur_of_Old said...

We made it!!!!!! Good job on your move, you are an organized lady.
Thanks for the opportunity to help!

People, this lady is efficient and organized to the max!!! =-)

Pendell said...

Awesome and congratulations! It's good to have friends!


Brian P.