Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Week 69, Day 3

Calories eaten yesterday: 1394
Fat: 34g (21%)
Carbs: 111g (31%)
Protein: 169g (47%)
Weight this morning: 132.8 (One week ago: n/a)
Calories burned in exercise today: 93

Went into the City today. I popped into GNC. They had the whey protein on sale and my Gold Card discount was still good, so I stocked up. I bought a 5 lb. tub of the Chocolate Carmel (my mainstay), and 1 lb. packets of the Cookies & Cream and the Banana Creme to try them.

I am SO sore today! That leg workout yesterday really did a number on me. I know it was mostly the walking lunges. Those leave me sore every time, even if that's the only leg exercise I do. My butt is sore, as well as my inner thighs - more sore than usual because I haven't done a leg workout is something like three weeks (I was doing the spinning class instead).

It hurts to walk, but I walked from BART to work anyway. I stopped at WalMart and bought a couple more clothing items. I found women's size 4 jeans shorts and tried them on and they fit! They are the same size as my Calvin Klein size 8 shorts, lol! But then, WalMart engages in vanity sizing and anything that's "women's" will be larger anyway. A woman's 4 is like a 6, and a WalMart 6 is like an 8 anywhere else.

The nightshirt I bought yesterday was too small but today WalMart had the correct size for me. I'll give the smaller one to my sister for Christmas. It should fit her perfectly and it is quite cute.

I hope to go back to the gym tomorrow and do upper body stuff and run. I hope I'm not too sore to run.

I was extremely hungry yesterday. I think it was the two days of working out and my calories being quite low the first day.

Abby is acting strange. Her new favorite place to sleep and hide is my closet. Granted it's large, but I would think she would feel trapped in there, not safe. When I left this morning she was settled in the back of the closet and Xena was sleeping on my bed, right where I lay. This move has messed with them. Abby is acting strange and Xena has become more affectionate and needy.

Brad and I bought tickets to see Journey to the Center of the Earth this Friday. We found a 3D showing, but it's a bit of a drive and costs extra of course. I hear the movie is only so-so, but that the 3D makes it worth it.

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