Monday, July 07, 2008

Week 69, Day 2

Calories eaten yesterday: 1304
Fat: 25g (17%)
Carbs: 104g (32%)
Protein: 166g (51%)
Weight this morning: 134.6 (One week ago: 134.2)
Calories burned in exercise today: 241

Bought a lot of stuff today. I stopped at Long's Drugs by the gym and bought workout socks. I forgot to take my breakfast with me when I left so I also got a South Beach meal bar to get some protein into me.

Got in a good leg workout at the gym (1 hour), then did the elliptical for 30 minutes. Since I am down to one workout shirt, I bought a black 24 Hour Fitness tank top, and it even turned out to be on sale when they scanned it. :) It feels good to get back to my regular routine at the gym. I hope to go again on Wednesday for more arms, back, and shoulder work. :)

I figured instead of walking to work and stopping at WalMart on the way that I could save time and take the bus. Wrong. The 2:03 bus didn't show up, and the 2:18 bus came on time but left about 4 minutes late. I had to actually shop at WalMart, not just run in and grab a few things, so I needed time.

I was nearly a half hour late to work by the time I got the stuff I needed and made sure the clothes fit. I bought necessities (socks and undies), a long black nightshirt, a pair of short pink nightie shorts to go under it, and a cute little skort - black with pink shorts underneath. I also bought a new digital watch since the band on my old one is looking pretty bad.

I still haven't received July's check from Dad. I finally got him my new address and he says the check will go out tomorrow. The property check should be waiting for my at my P.O. box which I will check tomorrow.

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