Thursday, July 24, 2008

Health Care, Helena, and Hellions

Calories eaten yesterday: 1373
Fat: 29g (19%)
Carbs: 98g (28%)
Protein: 183g (53%)
Weight this morning: 133.2 (One week ago: 129.2)
Calories burned in exercise today: 143

Exercise: 36 minutes round trip the laundromat and 39 minutes from the train station to work.

Yesterday I was three pounds above where I was last week; now I am four pounds above. Except for last Saturday I have stuck to plan and I have somehow gained four pounds - from one bad eating day! I have been on track all week. With my low metabolism my body just sucks up every calorie I eat and turns it to fat. :( :( :(

Health Care

Tomorrow I have my doctor's appointment. I'm getting a PAP smear. As a virgin I find this extremely painful. Last time I had one done I had one Darvon and it only took the edge off. This time I am taking five (500mg Darvon and 3250mg Tylenol). Hopefully that will help more. Along with that I'm taking 1000mg Ibuprofen and 2mg Xanax (for anxiety and to make me sleepy). After that we are going over my test results from my physical last month. I have all the pills set aside and will take them just before going in the doctor's office. The pharmacist said it takes Darvon about 30 minutes to "peak."

Obviously, Brad and I are not going walking. I expect to be far too doped up. We're going to Safeway for some basics so I can eat next week (salad, raw veggies, cottage cheese). Then we are going out for a super burrito at Geraldo's. They make the best burritos!

After that we are going home and then who knows?

Saturday is a regular day at church and then back to the gym on Sunday. I'll be back Sunday with a full report and my weigh-in with how much I gained from the burrito.


Argued a bit more with Helena today about the security deposit. She insisted I call Nick at a second number he had and see if he answered. I humored her one last time. I got the answering machine, and called her back and said so. She asked if I left a message and I said no, I want my money now. She actually thinks she can drag this out by making me wait to see if he responds? He didn't before and he won't now and I want my money. It is well past the 21 days she has to return it. She said she would send me the check. We will see if she actually follows through.


I let Abby out last night. Xena calmed right down with Abby out. I've seen Xena hiss at merely the sight of Abby, and Abby loves the cat tree, so I moved the cat tree into the kitchen (right by a window). We'll see how this setup works for them when Abby shows up again. I really don't know what else to do than let Abby outside a whole lot more.

Xena is trying to take over the bathroom, so I put the scratching post and water next to the cat tree in the kitchen. I'll probably move the scratching post back since only Xena uses it.

I did hear a couple of very brief cat fights right after I put Abby out, so I assume she met up with a couple of the neighborhood cats. Still, she's happier outside and doesn't have to deal with Xena.

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