Thursday, July 31, 2008

PG&E and my GTT

Calories eaten yesterday: 1391
Fat: 22g (14%)
Carbs: 171g (49%)
Protein: 126g (36%)
Weight this morning: 129 (One week ago: 133.2)
Calories burned in exercise today: 71

Good grief! I checked my PG&E bill and got a shock - $87! It only goes that high in the middle of winter. I called PG&E and the girl I spoke with said $27 was for my old address, leaving about $60 for my new address. Damn. Didn't realize I'd used that much power. There also appears to be almost two months between bills, with one bill at the beginning of June and the next not until the end of July. But yikes! What a shock and unplanned expense. That nixes taking Brad out to that dinner I promised him - at least with this paycheck. I barely have money for food now. I definitely will do that dinner if I ever get my deposit back from my old apartment. :-p

Tomorrow is my 5 hour glucose tolerance test. I'm going to ask Lisa for a ride home, and hopefully get to bed early. I took my nighttime shower this afternoon so I can just go home, have my snack, and go to bed. I did some research and found the minimum fasting period is 10 hours, so I can have a snack before bed, as long as at least 10 hours have passed before my first blood draw. I bought a packet of 6 Oreos for something quick to eat as soon as the test is over.

Here's a little more about the GTT, from Wikipedia:
Glucose Tolerance Test

I also found this interesting factoid:
"Low blood glucose levels (hypoglycemia) are also seen with...Hypothyroidism." Wow. I did not know that. It will be interesting to see if I am hypoglycemic because I am definitely hypothyroid.

On the question of coffee, the Quest lab told me no; my doctor's office said yes. I'll brew some at home to wake me up and run out the door with it, but won't have any after that.

I'll try to do some videos, then edit them together, like I did when I gave blood (video) at the Red Cross a couple months back.

Did laundry today (about 30 minutes walking round trip), but decided not to walk to work from the train station. I got off at WalMart to do some shopping; it's 10 minutes to work from there.

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Carol Bardelli said...

Best of luck on the test.

I envy your PG&E bill. Our electric bill is 232.00 a month and our gas is $35. Here they're separate bills from separate companies. I guess Nevada is just higher AND we have to run air conditioners all summer and heaters all winter. It really adds up.

size8jeans said...

I don't have an air conditioner. During the summer I just have to be hot.