Friday, April 24, 2009

Book review - The Signs and Wonders Movement--Exposed

The Signs and Wonders Movement - Exposed with Peter Glover (editor) (out of print but available at Amazon)

This was a good book. Even thought is primarily focuses on the so-called Toronto Blessing, and newer "moves of God" have since come along, I think the information is solid for all movements that engage in signs and wonders teachings.

Each of the four writers bring their own unique experiences to the book. Two are eyewitnesses and two are researchers. Mark Haville is a former Word-Faith minister who now speaks out against that movement. Chris Hand has seen the Vineyard revival first hand when it came to his church. He eventually had to leave that church. Philip Foster and Peter Glover have researched all sorts of "moves of God" and speak out to protect Christians from falling prey.

I recommend getting a used copy of this book and reading it. It may be about the Toronto Blessing but the information in it is applicable to all signs and wonders ministries operating today.

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