Thursday, April 02, 2009


Calories eaten yesterday: 438
Fat: 7g (13%)
Carbs: 44g (40%)
Protein: 52g (47%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 295

My calories were so low because I'm never hungry after a binge and have been toying to eating very light for weight loss.

I got a compliment from the woman down the hall today that my stomach was so flat., though it is quite a bit flatter when I haven't eaten. I'm trying to fast today but may or may not make it. If not, I have some protein shakes, cottage cheese, and chicken breast in the fridge here at work.

It's weird...I'm SO hungry, yet my empty stomach feels good. Anyone else experience that? It's odd. It also feels good to control the food instead of it controlling me. I am so done with a cookie (or any food) having control over my life! Don't worry about me. I have a ton of body fat to live off of and this is just one day. :)

bloated belly after bingingSomeone commented on my blog that every photo they have seen of me I looked great. Well here's a photo I took just yesterday. My tummy was relaxed in this photo but I was not pushing it out. Not such a great photo right? That's why I need to get really serious about getting this off. Click the photo for a larger size.

Exercise today was walking to the laundromat and back, then down to BART, then from BART to work.

See you all Sunday with a full report on the rest of today and my weekend.

Don't forget - Sunday is Palm Sunday! Glory, laud, and honor to the King of Kings!

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Arthur_of_Old said...

Body mechanics and operation don't always respond to weight loss or exercise.Hope you get it under control and will be happy with your body.

But, me and family, friends love you just the way you are.


Brucker said...

Personally, I'm of the opinion that a flat stomach is not natural. If your BMI is good and you're eating and living healthily, (which I definitely get the impression you are) then don't worry if your body isn't shaped like some sort of ridiculous false ideal with no basis in reality. So many of us love you just the way you are Victoria!