Thursday, April 23, 2009

P.O. box and race registration update

Calories eaten yesterday: 1084
Fat: 22g (19%)
Carbs: 77g (29%)
Protein: 141g (52%)
Weight this morning: 130.6 (One week ago: 129.2)
Calories burned in exercise today: 262

Overtime this Sunday! Yay! I need all the money I can get. I'll miss hiking with Brad though. Maybe we can do a short hike on Saturday after church.

Did the laundry today, then called the post office where my P.O. box is and talked to the supervisor. She said that the previous person had really screwed up the P.O. boxes, which is why I never got a notice to pay. She said she believed me that I have proof that I paid September 2007 through August 2008. She said to send a check in for September 2008 through August 2009 and she would make sure I get a notice to pay in August. She said she could not take payment over the phone.

She said the box would be opened right away and that if there was any mail sitting around for me that it would be put in my box. I wrote the check out this afternoon and it will go out tomorrow morning. I will make a special trip to check the box next week. To make sure I had enough money in my account to cover the $86 charge I charged $100 to my Discover card and put it into my bank account.

I got a call back from Amy at Bay To Breakers. She said the packet probably went out in the first batch and to call back next week to see if it was returned. She gave me her direct number. If it's still at the post office it should be put in my box. So there's nothing I can do on the packet until next week.

The iPod is still missing in transit and has not showed up at Apple headquarters.

Dr. appointment tomorrow to discuss my thyroid meds. I'm going to ask about Armour if my Free T3 doesn't come up.

After I talked about my bruises disappearing earlier this week, of course they were back the very next day. I have a nice large one on my right thigh. *sigh* If I could just get my thyroid levels stabilized I know they would go away.

I stopped at GNC when I was in the City yesterday and bought four PowerBar carbohydrate gel packets for the Bay to Breakers run next month. That's 440 calories of carbohydrate to fuel the 7.5 mile run. This is the brand I bought last year so I know it's palatable. Now I just need a bottle of Gatorade.

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