Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Thyroid test results and yet more overtime

Calories eaten yesterday: 1123
Fat: 19g (15%)
Carbs: 112g (41%)
Protein: 121g (44%)
Weight this morning: 130.4 (One week ago: 133.2)
Calories burned in exercise today: 181

thyroid medicationGot my test results back today and I am confused. As many of you know, I had some weirdness with my meds due to the lab being closed. I am on 100mcg of Levothyroxine. I went off my meds two days before the test (the test didn't happen). Then I was back on for two days at 150mcg, then off the morning of the test (to prevent any spikes).

Other than this week I have been feeling better (I feel icky this week because of the overtime and lack of sleep). Anyway, overall I have been feeling much more energetic.

TSH: 0.14 (0.4-4.5)
Free T3: 242 (230-420)
Free T4: 0.9 (0.8-1.8)

I don't feel overmedicated and the Frees are of course low. Now what do I do? I think I'm going to ask for retesting and a follow-up appointment much sooner than I hoped. And pray he keeps me on 100mcg because I feel tons better.

How could my TSH be so low and is this why I am feeling better? How would the weird dosing effect my numbers? TSH, Free T3, and Free T4 all went down.

Ferritin: 25 (10-154) Previous test: 13

I have been eating two servings of Cream of Wheat every day. I think I am going to ask him about that prescription iron pill I heard about. I haven't given blood since my last test and have been eating the cereal and taking my pill each day. How can it still be so low??? I thought I felt better because my ferritin was higher but it's not. :(

Got the word today that L. will be out the rest of the week. Brad and I will be working 12 hour shifts to cover for her. That means that out of five work days, four will be 12 hour shifts. That also means doing laundry on Friday since I'll need to sleep in Thursday morning (tomorrow).

I don't know how I'll work everything out yet, but I certainly need all the overtime I can get. I hope L. gets better soon because Sunday is my birthday and I am taking it off. I ain't working no 12 hour shift that day! No way no how!

Exercise today was the same as yesterday - walking to BART, and then walking from my stop to work. I get really hungry on these long shifts so I stopped at WalMart today and bought a bunch of drinks - Cherry Diet Rite (new flavor!), two triple size Diet Rock Stars, a 6-pack of Perrier, and one Diet 7-Up.

I'm falling farther and farther behind in getting my photos uploaded and am still back on January 2 in my 365 project. I've taken the photos but have no time to do basic editing and then the uploading and titling. It's easy work, but it just takes time.

[Edit: I got a response from someone on the thyroid board which reads in part:

Why would TSH be down? It's probably because you took 150 mcg T4 for 2 days prior to testing. TSH responds to the amount of thyroid hormones available at the time of testing, so the higher dose pushed your TSH down. Your FT4 and FT3 are probably lower because you skipped a few days of meds.]

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