Thursday, October 09, 2008

Week 81, Day 5

Calories eaten yesterday: 1373
Fat: 29g (19%)
Carbs: 120g (36%)
Protein: 152g (45%)
Weight this morning: 131.4 (One week ago: 131)
Calories burned in exercise today: 292

I walked to the laundromat and back, put away my clothes, walked to the BART station, then walked from my stop to work, stopping at WalMart for a refill of my thyroid med and a few items - 1 hour 45 minutes total.

I haven't talked about my cats lately. The relational issues are getting worse again with more hissing from Xena and more paws and claws from both. I have noticed that Abby is trying to take over Xena's bed on my bed and I bet Xena resents that and smells her scent. I sprayed Xena's bed with the spray type Feliway and am chasing Abby off whenever she settles there.

The Feliway is also running low and that may be effecting Xena's behavior. I need to get more since it does seem to help Xena to be a bit more calm. Cat fights are breaking out more lately and I will bet anything that it's because the Feliway is running out.

So I need to hit Petco tomorrow at the shopping center where the grocery store is. Dad's check should be coming soon so hopefully that will help me get through the next two weeks. Today was another dismally small paycheck so I will need that little extra to pay for this cat necessity and buy food.

I've stopped using the monthly bus passes. I just haven't been using $70 worth of rides. I've been walking a lot anyway, so now I will just do more. I bought a 10 Ride pass and sometimes I will just use cash. For example, with the 10 Ride pass I pay the standard $1.75 per bus ride - no discount. But when I get off BART I can get a transfer that will save me 25 cents, so I am better off paying with cash. This means keeping ones and quarters with me at all times.

I used all of my Commuter Checks this month to buy two $64 BART tickets. I am chronically running out of BART fare so this will really help. I purchased my 10 Ride bus pass with cash. I still have one monthly bus pass sitting around. I'll hold onto it for now. It won't expire until a couple months after the next fare increase so there's no need to worry about it right away.

One lady at the thyroid forum swears that my increased hunger is because the thyroid med is revving my metabolism. Here's the thread. So where is the weight loss if my metabolism is going up, hmmm? :-p I'm probably undoing it on Saturday because I just eat everything in sight. :-p

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