Thursday, October 16, 2008

More drama at work

Calories eaten yesterday: 1363
Fat: 28g (18%)
Carbs: 122g (36%)
Protein: 157g (46%)
Weight this morning: 131 (One week ago: 131.4)
Calories burned in exercise today: 250

Walked to the laundromat and back, then to the BART station, then from where I get off the train to work about 4.7 miles total.

I forgot to mention something yesterday. I got a $90 bill for lab tests. This was for the Free T3, ferritin, Vitamins D and B-12, etc. $907 total, Lupe negotiated a 50% discount with Quest labs, and so my portion came to $90. But without the discount it would have been $180. This doesn't include the adrenal tests I had done recently, nor rerunning the ferritin and all the thyroid tests (TSH, Free T3 and Free T4), and the TIBC and iron the doc ordered. I don't even want to think about that bill!

The good news is that the two Vitamin D test made up $500 of the $900 bill and those won't need to be run again. My levels were on the low side, but okay, and I am taking a supplement every day now. My levels were probably toward the low side because D is fat soluble and I eat a very low-fat diet.

The drama with S. at work continues. J. and Brad told us to work it out, but she is getting pissy that she's not being allowed to skate on this matter. Oh horrors. She's getting punished. She can't even think that I've been punished already by coming in on my vacation day. She just forgot that she agreed to the shift and feels that's okay. I wish I could share the whole e-mail exchange, but let's just say that she's now threatening my employer with the California Labor Code. LOL! And saying that her planned vacation time should count as the time she misses. I have tried my best to work it out with her and be reasonable.

But as Brad said, she's not a Christian and is acting in accordance with the world. The thing is that she would have had her ass fired for what she did in the real world.

She finally said that she wants me to work ALL of next Friday, not really an option as I don't want to work past sunset. I'll make an accommodation for 7 p.m., but I do not want to work until 11, especially when I have to be up so early Saturday. S. is just going totally psycho. If and when boss J. gets involved it will not go well for either of us, especially me since I seem to be his least favorite right now with S. being the Golden Girl. :-p

This doesn't even touch how she keeps messing up the daily report. Every week when I come in on Sunday I get an old report. Near as I can tell, the old reports being sent out start with her, then get copied through the weekend by everyone else. This week I hid some code in my report. We will see where that code disappears.

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the mighty war-khan said...

Gotta love code! Though, I'm not convinced that your workplace is an exception to the "real world." As far as I can read, it seems like rigmarole office backbiting politics as usual. Sure, I believe that there are fairytale jobs to be had, though most of those are in Mongolia, but don't hold it against me, I'm biased.

Pendell said...

So you're saying you need prayer?

You'll have it.

BTW, I've been exploring the concept of working expat for a couple years now. A 'dream job' in Mongolia would still have a language barrier to deal with. Besides, expat colonies tend to be filled with really ... strange ... Americans. The 'Culture Shock!' series of books, available at the local library, is really worth reading even for fun.

I think I'd fit right in. Not sure it's for everyone.

And yes, I know the great Khan was kidding.


Brian P.