Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Personal Training, Session 4 & Vitamin D

Calories eaten yesterday: 1204
Fat: 18g (14%)
Carbs: 113g (39%)
Protein: 136g (47%)
Weight this morning: 129.8 (One week ago: 131.6)
Calories burned in exercise today: 220

Had my last personal training session today. Meka still couldn't find the paperwork William had on me, which sucks. He'd written down what we did and there were a lot of good ideas and how heavy to lift, and now they can't find it?!? I know 24 Hour Fitness; it will never turn up. I feel like I've been gypped. I needed that paperwork.

Meka didn't push me very hard. Male trainers are definitely better. They push you harder. The only exercise I felt like I was dying on were the ab exercises. Everything else I could do fairly easily.

I continued with weight training after our session ended, doing some exercises we didn't do. I tried a little different post-workout snack - fat free cottage cheese with whey powder. Less fat is good after a workout, plus this cottage cheese has less calcium than what I was using. My carb snack was Cream of Wheat. It's a medium GI carb instead of high, but it's high in iron and I really need the iron. After these, I walked to work from BART.

Looks like Vitamin D is a problem for me, too. I asked about this on the Thyroid forum and got this reply:

I wrote to and heard back from Dr. Cannell over at the Vitamin D Council, who said it is as I guessed....Here's his reply to me:

Vitamin D 25, total...39...range is 20-100 (my readings)

is the important one, level should be 50 or higher, not 39

So I guess I need to increase the amount of Vitamin D I am taking. Lupe downstairs does sell D3 but she gave me just plain old D. I'll finish that bottle and then get the D3. I paid Lupe for the Vitamins C and D I bought but never paid for, bought some more Melatonin, and asked if she could find 3mg tablets so I don't have to take three of the 1mg she sells.

Tomorrow is payday, but all the money is already spoken for, especially with Christmas coming up and the unexpected $90 lab bill. *sigh* I still haven't paid my Internet either and that is due.

At least my new debit card was in the mail when I checked on Tuesday, so now I don't have to pay for everything with cash. :)

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