Monday, October 06, 2008

Thyroid & adrenal test results

Calories eaten yesterday: 1372
Fat: 30g (20%)
Carbs: 113g (33%)
Protein: 163g (47%)
Weight this morning: 134.6 (One week ago: 133.8)
Calories burned in exercise today: 287

Went to the gym and did lower body work. It's been so long since I had a leg day and I have lost some strength. I torched my poor legs and I can tell I will be really sore tomorrow. I was too tired to run on the treadmill so I just walked for 30 minutes and covered 1.91 miles.

Since my trainer left I am trying to get set up with a new trainer. So far it's not coming together, but I'm sure they can find me someone who can work on my schedule.

I promised I'd post my test results today. Here they are. There's some good news and some bad.

My previous readings (before medication):
TSH: 4.07 (0.4-4.5)
Free T3: 149 (230-420)
Thyroxine-Free (T4): 0.9. (0.8-1.8)
Ferretin: 23 (10-154)

My new readings (on 50mcg Levothyroxine):
TSH: 3.68 (going down!) (0.4-4.5)
Free T3: 280 (going up!) (230-420)
Thyroxine-Free (T4): 1.0 (0.8-1.8)
Ferritin: 13 (I gave blood Sept.5 and this test was Sept.26)
Iron: 80 (40-175)
TIBC: 321 (250-450)
Transferrin saturation: 25 (15-50)

So I am converting T4 into T3. My T3 has gone way up, but my T4 has only gone up 0.1. I read on the thyroid forum that Free T3 should be 325 or more and Free T4 should be 1.1 or more.

My iron still sucks. Other than having to stop the iron a few days before the blood test, I've been taking two iron pills a day. If I take three I get constipated, but maybe I should just take three and add some fiber tablets? I've got to get the ferritin up.

Any thoughts on the iron at 80, the TIBC, and transferrin saturation? I don't know anything about those readings.

The only "bad" food I’m still eating is some red cabbage. It’s part of the salad mix I use. I’m going to try to use a different (more expensive) type, but my money is so limited that I may be forced to use the mix with the red cabbage. (It’s mostly iceberg lettuce, but has carrots and red cabbage added.) I guess I can just pick out most of the cabbage.


Total cortisol: 13.8 at 10 a.m. (8-10 a.m. should be 4.6-20.6)
Free cortisol: 0.47 at 10 a.m. (8-10 a.m. should be 0.07-0.93)
Plasma ACTH: 18 (5-27)

Someone on the thyroid forum said that my numbers are fine - that too high or too low isn't good, so I guess my adrenals are okay.

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angienicholas said...

I noticed that you get a lot of protein in. Can I ask how you do it? I need to get in about 151 grams a day and am lucky to get any where between 50 - 60 grams worth which is higher then I used to get. any tips would be great full angie