Saturday, May 23, 2009

Book review - Twentieth Century Prophecy

Twentieth Century Prophecy: Jeane Dixon, Edgar Cayce by James Bjornstad (out of print but available used at Amazon)

Mr. Bjornstad spends half this book talking about Jeane Dixon and half about Edgar Cayce. Ms. Dixon has largely fallen out of the public eye since her death, but Cayce still enjoys some fame in certain circle. Cacye's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) is still around.

The author talks about each of them is very straightforward terms, relating their early life, how they came to their vocations, and prophecies they have made. Finally, he examines each of them to see if they are prophets of God as defined by the Bible.

Since this book was written in 1970, it's very interesting to look back at the predictions of Jeane Dixon that have not come true in the time since the book was published. It's actually quite hilarious how many prediction she made of huge events that never came to pass.

Cayce is not so straightforward as a prophet - the majority of his work is in "readings" he did for other people rather than predictions of events that could be verified. He did have knowledge while doing readings that he did not have in his normal life so I believe something was truly going on with him, but I don't believe it was from God. The author finishes this section by reviewing several books about Cayce and his work.

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