Thursday, May 28, 2009


I had a mini binge yesterday so I have no numbers from yesterday. I estimate a little over 3000 calories for the whole day. The binge started after eating all the food I'd brought for the day (and more) so about 10 pm I had some crackers and a couple of large peanut butter sandwiches down the hall at work. At least I used the sugar-free jelly. Then I had some wine when I got home. :-p Of course this made me gain weight, but I did weigh in this morning.

Weight this morning: 133 (One month ago: 130.4)
Calories burned in exercise today: 312

I walked to the laundromat and back, then all the way from my apartment to the Safeway at Southshore. About 5.2 miles total. I had to stop at the laundromat on my way back down because I accidentally left the blanket I washed there. Thankfully it was still sitting where I put it!

When I got to Safeway I bought some vegetables (zucchini was on sale again), and a couple of salads in case I get really hungry again tonight.

I'm taking Sunday off work so I'll post my weigh-in on Monday. Brad and I are hoping to go for a nice long hike without having to worry about getting me to work.

Boss J is back to crazy again and took my Internet away for a week so I don't know what I will be back! I made one tiny mistake! Argh!

Bye for a week. I'll try to do a quick post from home if I can!!!!!!!!!

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