Monday, June 01, 2009

No weigh-in

Calories burned in exercise Friday: 64
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 51
Calories burned in exercise Sunday: 1750
Calories burned in exercise Monday: 88

Forget weigh-ins or anything like that. I have been totally and complete berserk of late. I had the mini binge on Wednesday that I wrote about. Then after boss J yanked my Internet access on Thursday I managed to get off work early (I was a total mess, ever after taking some Xanax). I got Brad to pick me up and take me to Applebee's where I drank and ate bad food (cheese sticks appetizer and bacon cheeseburger with fries). We finally went to my apartment where I showered and went to bed.

Friday Brad woke me up when he got up for work. I got up shortly after that and went off to get my blood tests. Well, I tried to do that at least. When I looked for my bus pass I couldn't find it. My gym pass is also missing. I tore my purse, backpack, and the house apart - nothing. Brad looked around the office - nothing. I must have left it on the bus or something. The problems with J are effecting my life. Last week I spent a half hour looking for my keys before finding them and this week I spent an hour looking for a bus pass that never did turn up!

There were four passes in there - a partly used BART and 10 Ride bus pass, plus a brand new BART and 10 Ride bus pass. Argh! I called my Mom in tears asking for money to replace the lost passes, and told her what was lost. She has helped me with this before, but with the economy the way it is she said she'd talk it over with her husband Bill and get back to me. She eventually called me back and said they would send me $100. I had a spare BART and bus pass set aside and used those to get to Lab Corp for Vitamin D testing and then at Quest for my thyroid tests.

Needless to say, the stress of this caused me to keep binging and pretty soon I was off plan again and eating whatever I wanted. :(

Friday after Brad got off work we did some quick shopping for a few items that I hadn't picked up on my way into work Thursday.

Saturday I decided to skip church. I was (and still am) emotionally exhausted and badly needed "veg" time. Brad got up for church and I got up, threw on a sweatshirt, and went to McDonald's for breakfast in my PJs. Then I came back home, watched TV in bed for a while, napped for a while, then vegged in front of the TV a little more, and finally got up and made sandwiches for our planned hike on Sunday.

When Brad came home from church I ate the snacks he brought. He brought granola bars (which I said not to), a few Cheese-Its (which I also said not to), very few peanuts, a few Goldfish (which I don't even like), and then mixed all the snacks (except the granola bars of course) into one big cup. :-p I don't like food mixed together and so even after he separated everything I didn't really enjoy eating it.

Saturday afternoon I started to feel a bit better. It was time for a complete litter box change so I dumped all the old litter into the trash, scraped the box, then took the trash out. Brad wanted to to do more. I told him he could if he wanted and I didn't usually wash the box out when I changed it. He rinsed it with hot water and wiped it down with the sponge I keep in the bathroom, then sprayed it down with disinfectant and wiped it dry. I poured new litter in.

I asked Brad if he would sweep the floors for me. His idea of sweeping is more in depth than mine. He swept the floor twice and even gave the house a quick once over with the Swiffer mop. While he was sweeping I crawled under my table and picked out the mass of hair and dust that has collected around all the cords, and used a whisk broom for the small stuff. It wasn't a great job, but it's not nearly as dirty under there as it was.

I crawled out of my pajamas and we went to Safeway to pick up a few items, including a bag of tortilla chips for out hike. Then I asked him to take my to Lourd's and got a scoop of double dutch ice cream. We took the few groceries home and relaxed a while.

In the evening we went to KFC for dinner to try their new grilled chicken. I was still hungry and wanted dessert. We checked Subway but they were already closed. I asked for Taco Bell and got a Crunchwrap Supreme (my fave food there) and a caramel apple Empanada (like a McDonald's apple pie only with caramel flavor added). Brad tasted it and liked and so we each bought another as we left.

Sunday we had oatmeal for breakfast and then left for the hike. We ended up covering about 20 miles! It was great and awesome and felt wonderful. We hit every group camp in the Lake Chabot area. We did get lost a couple of times but were eventually able to get ourselves oriented. I now have a better idea of the layout of the trails and other trails we need to hit still.

We ate plenty on the hike - two sandwiches each, three Subway cookies each, a small probiotic chocolate bar each, a bag of tortilla chips, a bag of beef jerky (Brad ate most of that), and a granola bar left over from Saturday (it was a two bar pack so we each had one).

The top of my right foot started hurting early on. It was still hurting when I got home and I iced it. It was clearly swollen and red in comparison to my other foot on Monday morning and I iced it again. I also prepped veggies for the week on Monday morning - something else I didn't get done on Friday.

Anyway, Sunday evening after our hike I wanted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner so we stopped at Safeway. Brad had never have a peanut butter and banana sandwich so we bought a few bananas. We also each got an apple and he got a loaf of bread for his house. I made him a PB and banana sandwhich when we got home and he liked it so much he made himself another one! I had just regular PB&J. After the hike I was so hungry I ended up eating 4 1/2 PB&J sandwiches, plus an apple, banana, and chocolate bar!

Brad and I also tried out the new large wine glass I bought (YouTube video) The bottle we used is a good Cabernet he bought that cost about $33! Yike! To me, that is quite expensive, but it was very good wine. We split it after pouring it into the glass. :)

I talked to P and S from work about filling in another shift for me this week. I need to get away from Jon and that means getting away from work. The stress is eating me alive. P e-mailed me back and said he could not cover any shift for me this week. I called S and she got back to me and said she could work Thursday for me, so it looks like I will get Thursday off and a three day weekend! :) I am currently going through all the e-mail confirmations that boss J demands. I also wrote her on the schedule even though J says the schedule means "nothing." Well then why is it posted?!?

Well, hopefully things will get better. For now all I can do is type these posts at work, e-mail them to myself, and then copy and paste them to my blog. So no cool photos or links for a while.

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