Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Work and Family

Calories eaten yesterday: 976
Fat: 19g (18%)
Carbs: 63g (26%)
Protein: 137g (56%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 353

Went to the gym Wednesday. I had to go in to get a new membership card. The guy I talked to on the phone said he'd wave the fee, and Wednesday was the last chance for me to see him this week. So I got my new membership card started and got a temporary barcode and new photocopy of my ID card in the meantime.

I did one hour of weight training and 30 minutes on the elliptical. That didn't seem to bother my swollen foot. I then walked to work from BART to save the bus fare and get more exercise. That did hurt my foot.

Boss J is freaking me out so bad that now I am having nightmares. It's hard to get restful sleep when you lapse back into the nightmare every time you drift back off. I dreamed he put me on the overnight shift and I was utterly distraught. I had this nightmare Monday night and wish he would stay out of my head and life when I am not at work!

Bus fare is going up again. I saw the sign on the bus Tuesday night but it didn't say what the new fare will be. I'm betting on it going from $1.75 base fare to $2 or possibly $2.25. So I just bought all these 10 Ride passes that I have to use. :-p Fare goes up July 1, but 10-Ride passes can be used through August 31 by paying the additional fare. My paycheck is not keeping up with all this. :(

And now my sister is lobbying for my to fly to Seattle to see Dad. He is very depressed in the nursing home and evidently stopped eating enough. He wound up with low blood sugar and was taken to the hospital where he was stabilized. *sigh* I really wish he could be put in an assisted living facility, but that can only be done if he privately pays. My sis had explained the whole situation to me and it is a mess.

I'm taking tomorrow off so no blog entry. I'm been typing these entries at work on my work e-mail and then mailing them to my home e-mail where I copy and paste it into my blog. I haven't decided if I will weigh-in on Sunday or not. Right now I would say not simply because I am still such a cow from five days of binging.

Either way, I'll be back Sunday. My one week of no Internet at work is up tomorrow so boss J can't say anything when I log in on Sunday.

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