Sunday, June 14, 2009

No weigh-in yet again

Calories eaten Thursday: 1137
Fat: 16g (13%)
Carbs: 73g (27%)
Protein: 124g (46%)

Calories eaten Friday: 1418
Fat: 21g (14%)
Carbs: 83g (25%)
Protein: 134g (40%)

Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 166
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 70
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 102
Calories burned in exercise today: 93

The weekend was busy! Settle in with some hot cocoa or tea for a long post.

Friday I had my doctor's appointment and it went well. I learned just the night before how to calculate the appropriate Armour thyroid dose for the levothyroxine I was taking and realized that I needed 120mg of Armour. I have been taking 150mcg of levothyroxine since my blood tests two weeks ago and have felt better. The equivalent to that is 120mg (2 grains) of Armour.

Armour thyroid tabletsSo when I saw the doctor that's what I asked for, explained I had been on 150mcg levothyroxine for two weeks and that I felt better. He said that asking for the Reverse T3 test was a good idea. Since it's normal I really am converting very poorly. He prescribed the amount of Armour I wanted. The photo at the left is my new prescription. Click on it for a larger size.

I told him about my foot and how it still hurt two weeks later. He x-rayed it. He said there was some fluid there, but didn't see any breaks, though a stress fracture wouldn't show up until at least four weeks after the injury as the break calcifies. Most likely it's a tendon problem and there's not much I can do except ice it. He gave me a presciption for an anti-inflammatory cream. (I ended up not filling that prescription because it was simply too expensive and icing it seems to be helping.)

I showed the doctor my Vitamin D results and told him that I'd been taking 4400IU a day and had now cut back to 3400IU since it's summer. He was pleased with the results and said to keep taking the 3400IU a day.

After the appointment Brad and I went to the Apple store and got one of the geeks to look at my iPod. At first he didn't hear anything, but eventually he could hear the distortion. He did some tests on it and found that it really is a sound card problem - even all the alert sounds were distorted. I got a new iPod on the spot, though of course I have lost the engraving now. :( The engraving had been free anyway, so I am not going to worry. Mailing it in to be fixed and get a new engraved one back would have taken two weeks.

After that Brad dropped me off at home and he went to a Jewish synagogue service he had been invited to. I have been the Shabbat services before and did not care to go.

Saturday after church we headed to Costco to fill the prescription. They didn't have a bottle of 100 pills of Armour. They gave me three pills to "tide me over" and said to come back on Monday. I asked if my friend could pick up the prescription for me and they said yes. So he will go back Monday to get them.

I hadn't slept well Friday night and had been tired all day. I took one Armour pills as soon as I got it and I must say that I felt better the rest of the day - no tiredness and plenty of energy.

As inevitably happens, I crash the day after a "good" day. I had to be into work early today for a 12 hour shift and even though I slept well, I was very tired. Brad got me a tall skinny latte with two shots of espresso and it did nothing. I leaned back in my chair at work, put my feet on the counter, and promptly fell asleep. I was awoken a few times by alarms or phone calls, but was able to drift back off.

Saturday afternoon after arriving home, Brad realized he left his cell phone at church. We called Pastor Steve and eventually made arrangements to get it back. We started off to drive back to Pinole, but almost immediately after leaving Brad's right rear brake, which had been giving him trouble for week, blew out. We couldn't use it, only use the left brakes to slightly slow down. The trip was off and Brad carefully drove us back to my apartment while I called Pastor Steve to explain the situation.

Brad and I ended up taking the bus into Alameda. I got a small Tuttimelon chocolate gelato topped with granola. Then we went next door to Starbucks and Brad got a Breve latte and I ended up with a slice of reduced-fat cinnamon swirl coffee cake. It was heavenly!

We went to Safeway to get a case of Splenda-sweetened diet soda. I am eating very light today and didn't want to fill my body with aspartame-sweetened diet soda if I got hungry. A few diet sodas a day, okay. But if I ended up drinking several I wanted something sweetened with Splenda.

We got Diet Coke with Splenda and a few others items, including a bottle of champagne (well, sparkling wine) just for the heck of it, and I also got a fat-free yogurt and some organic blueberries for part of my dinner plus a couple packages of lithium batteries I need for both my food scale and pedometer (they both take the same batteries).

Since Applebee's was right there at the shopping center I asked to go there. I had one Mochatini and was going to stop there. This wasn't a pay week when we would normally go there, so cash is tight. Brad said he would buy me another one if I wanted and of course I said yes. Brad just got a Coke for himself, which they didn't charge him for. (They know us because we are there so often and tip well so they sometimes promo us something that's cheap like a Coke.) :)

We took the bus home, but stopped at 7-Eleven so I could buy a couple of the Big Bite hot dogs for the rest of my dinner. We went home and I ate, but Brad was too upset (he got worked up over boss J and the car, so he didn't eat, but he did help me drink the champagne.

This morning we had to get up extra early because Brad couldn't drive me in. We walked down to the BART station, but took the bus into work through Alameda. My foot was hurting and if we took BART we'd have to take another bus from there anyway, so it was cheaper this way.

At work Brad went to Pinole to get his cell phone, and I punched in for my 11 am-11 pm shift. I actually punched in a half hour early because P wanted to get going. I hope no one makes a stink over 30 minutes of double time.

I am not going to the gym tomorrow. 12 hours shifts call for recovery. Hopefully I can go Tuesday and maybe Wednesday too. I'll have to see how I feel.

I'll keep everyone updated on how I feel with the addition of T3 in this new med. Someone told me that my body is used to a low level of T3 (I'm sure it is), so it's a big shock to have it added. We will see how I do.

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