Sunday, June 21, 2009

I don't think I will ever weigh-in again :(

Calories eaten Thursday: 1328
Fat: 22g (16%)
Carbs: 99g (32%)
Protein: 127g (40%)

I ended up binging Friday so no stats for that day. :(

Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 306
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 146
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 179
Calories burned in exercise today: 0

I somehow made it through my 12 hour shift on Thursday from 3 pm to 3 am. I went home, took a shower, and got to bed around 5 am. I only slept about 6 hours and very poorly. I knew I would need to get to bed early on Friday because I knew how wiped out Brad would be.

I went grocery shopping but fell asleep Thursday night (Friday morning) thinking about Chips Ahoy cookies. I bought a large package of them and a package of the chocolate chewies at the grocery store. I also bought three petite vanilla scones from the Starbucks store in Safeway and ate them on the way home. By the next morning there was very little left of the Chips Ahoy cookies and chocolate chewies to take to church. Brad ate a few of each, but I ate most of them. :( I also went to Subway and got a chicken breast footlong sandwich and potato chips and had that for dinner Friday night. At least that was halfway sane. But I also bought one cookie there and ate that, and I got the sandwich with extra cheese.

I went to 7-Eleven and bought cereal (two single-serve packages) and low fat milk for Saturday's breakfast, a banana, and a single-serve package of Nutter Butter cookies.

Food-wise the binging continued on Saturday. I had the cereal and milk for breakfast. I ended up drinking the rest of the quart of milk later that day. As usual I ate too many snacks at church and had some of the bad foods at the potluck.

After coming home Brad and I walked to Alameda Towne Center. We stopped at Tuttimellon where I had the fat-free chocolate frozen yogurt with graham cracker crumbs and he had fruit-flavored gelato with blueberries and nut toppings. Then we did some shopping at the mall, I got a nonfat chocolate banana Vivanno, and Brad bought me some wine at a nice restaurant.

Then we went to Applebee's and we were hungry by then so we got their 2 for $20 deal. We got the cheese sticks appetizer and I got the Quesedilla burger with a side of broccoli instead of fries. But then we got dessert, and I had a Mudslide (ARGH!) along with a lot of other drinks. :( Somewhere in all this Brad upset me so I ended up at Safeway buying a huge slice of german chocolate cake, which I ate.

We tumbled into bed (me in my bed and Brad on his cot) and slept in. We were woken by a call from P at work asking me to come in early, so I got Brad up and made coffee and we headed into work. We ended up even earlier than P wanted but he said he's go ahead and leave then, so I will get a couple hours overtime today. I feel like a fat cow and am hungover. :(

I have been on edge a lot lately and I think it's the Armour medication.

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Anonymous said...

What do you think causes your binges? Is it purely stress/comfort eating or something more? I hope avoiding the binges will become easier for you.

Arthur_of_Old said...

Hi anon. It will get better as she pursues Christ through the Word. She is growing. Hope you are too. If not, why not consider the Word. It is for everyone. Proverbs 3:5 & 6.