Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The iPod Touch & money issues

Calories eaten yesterday: 1248
Fat: 27g (20%)
Carbs: 74g (24%)
Protein: 171g (56%)
Weight this morning: 132 (One week ago: 132.6)
Calories burned in exercise today: 295

Stayed up late learning my way around my new iPod Touch, and worked on it more this morning. I think I have some of the basics down and I got my music and podcasts loaded. One thing I wish it came with is a stylus because some of the controls are hard to work using a finger. You also can't delete things from the home screen, only move them around.

I listened to a podcast on my way to work that I'd fallen behind in and tomorrow I'll listen to music during my cardio time at the gym. Yes, tomorrow I hope to hit the gym again and then Thursday is laundry and payday, and Friday is groceries. Hopefully I can walk with Brad on Saturday but with all the recent rain the trails are wet and muddy so that limits our options.

Exercise today - 1 hour of walking. I walked up to the back and then down to the 7-Eleven by the bridge where I bought a Big Gulp of Diet Coke and caught the bus into work.

My sister has been in contact with me and says she can transfer the money Dad used to give me directly into my bank account. She told me she set the transfer for the 11th each month and to check that day and see if the money is there. If this works out I will be so grateful! I have been scraping by with overtime the last month and now that is over. I used the property check that came yesterday to cover the iPod Mini battery replacement and a couple of bills. That ate up the entire amount.

The iPod Mini is still for sale. I got an offer from someone downstairs to buy it for $50. HA! It's $70 or nothing and I'll just hold onto it. Another guy at work looked at it but didn't want it because he's a guy and it's pink. I've had a couple of turn downs simply because of the color. :-p

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janet said...

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janey said...

sorry that was janey; http://fatgone.wordpress.com/