Monday, May 18, 2009

The Bay To Breakers race

Calories burned in exercise Friday: 73
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 89
Calories burned in exercise Sunday: 653 (the race plus walking after)

The boss is still on the rampage at work, but I guess I should write about my weekend and Bay To Breakers.

Friday I did stuff around the house. Brad had to work late so by the time he showed up we just lounged around.

Saturday we didn’t stay for lunch at church. We hit McDonald’s for breakfast. Lunch was the snacks at church, and 7-Eleven and Starbucks after church. We spent some time preparing for the race the next day. Dinner was the pizza we planned with the chocolate dunkers for dessert. Yum yum!

Sunday I got up about 5:30 and Brad drove me to the West Oakland BART where I quickly caught a train. It was so warm I didn’t even need a sweatshirt and I drank all of my Gatorade before the race began. I got in the porta-potty line and it was so long I barely had a chance to use one of them before the race started!

I didn’t feel nearly as good as last year and the oppressive heat only made it worse. I paced myself as best as I could, slowing down to walk a few times to catch my breath, but ran most of the course. I had to stop at the mile 2 water stop because I drank all my liquid before the race began and by mile 4 I was pouring the cups over my head to cool down.

I hit the finish line at 1:34:something (including the time it took to cross the start line and my official time was just over an hour thirty minutes at 1:30:12 with an average pace of 12:06 per mile. I had been hoping to at least come in under 1:30:00.

Overall I came is 8193 out of 21117 official finishers, 3315 out of 11394 female finishers, and 1093 out of 3140 female finishers ages 30-39.

After the race there was a lot of samples and giveaways at Footstock so I hung around there longer than I normally would have. I even won some SF Bay ride worth $26 (don’t remember the exact details at the moment).

I took the 29 Sunset bus to the Balboa BART station and took the train to Fruitvale. Brad picked me up and took me home where I took a bath and then relaxed for a while. Pictures of Bay To Breakers and the before and aftermath are forthcoming. By the way, when I laid back in the tub I could actually see my hipbones! :) Yay for hipbones!

After relaxing for a while we went to Southshore mall and we went to Petco for fish filters, then had some treats at Starbucks, and then went to McDonald’s for lunch. Brad wanted to show me the newly opened Kohl’s store. They had some great sales and I ended up buying a paint-splattered tank top for me and a baby outfit for April’s baby-boy-to-be. Then we went to Lourd’s ice cream and I got a scoop of Rocky Road ice cream with mini M&Ms topping.

Then we went back home and Brad took a shower. We walked to Safeway for Barefoot wine, and ended up with the only red Barefoot they had – Merlot. We drank some before heading off to Applebee’s for dinner.

Brad paid for the dinner (2 for $20) and I paid for the drinks, which were a lot more expensive. They had a different bartender who made my Mochatinis too strong. I never finished the second one. I also had a Mudslide because binges don’t happen very often. :) Brad forgot to bring the camera or I would have gotten some really good photos of the food.

Today we slept in and then went to Walmart for some things I needed. They didn’t have everything. I suggested going to Costco so I could buy Diet Coke, but then remembered there’s a Walmart store right by there, so we went there to get the stuff the first Walmart didn’t have. They did have it.

Then Brad dropped me off at work where boss J’s oppressiveness and hatred of me as a person and employee are paramount. I planned on doing a 24-hour fast today after two days of binging and the fear and stress engendered by J makes that easy.

J was planning on immediate shift changes to punish Brad and I and reward L, but L’s father is still alive and she needs to work nights until he dies at which time the shift changes will happen. Brad will go to swing shift, I will work overnights, and L will be rewarded with the morning shift. Brad and I found out that he asked her a month ago if she would work mornings!

So now Bay To Breakers is over and it’s back to a boss who hates me and wants to hurt me as bad as possible hoping that I will quit. New policies are about to be enacted and "no Internet" will likely being one of them, meaning no more blog updates. Sorry about that, but draconian bosses like to enact draconian measures. :(

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