Thursday, November 12, 2009


Calories eaten yesterday: 1468
Fat: 34g (23%)
Carbs: 77g (23%)
Protein: 178g (54%)
Weight this morning: 133.4
Calories burned in exercise today: 251

Same weight as yesterday. Bleh. My body wants to be fat. :(

Maybe I'm hitting ketosis today; the cravings are worse than yesterday and the hunger is really bad. I'm eating more calories, but less food because I'm getting more fat, and fat is higher in calories than carbs and protein combined. *sigh*

I am a carbohydrate addict. I want carbs; I crave carbs. My body react poorly to them. Most of us are addicted and don't even know it. Yes, carbs are physically addictive. Going on a low carb diet is like taking drugs away from a drug addict - you will experience physical symptoms. Craving for the addictive substance is just one of these symptoms. The more addicted you are, the worse the symptoms will be.

Today I walked down to the laundromat and back, then down toward the train, then turned and walked partway through Alameda. I finally found a bench where I could rest, then took the bus to Southshore and did some shopping at Safeway before coming in to work.

I'm tired. There is so much gunk going around right now I feel like I am always fighting something.

Tomorrow Brad and I are hitting Coscto. Saturday is church, and then Sunday it's back to work for me, as well as my weigh-in day.

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