Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Simply fat

Calories eaten yesterday: 1386
Fat: 37g (26%)
Carbs: 75g (24%)
Protein: 158g (50%)
Weight this morning: 135.8 (Ouch!)
Calories burned in exercise today: 181

Today was my mail run into San Francisco to check my P.O. box. I walked down to the train station, went into the City, came back, and walked from my stop into work.

135.8 this morning. Normally by this time in the week I would be lower. I need to face it - my binging has caused me to gain several pounds. I need to stop eating so damn much! My body simply has no metabolism. I think I could fast and not lose a single ounce!

Tomorrow I hope to hit the gym one last time before my trip. I'll do laundry on Thursday since the laundromat is open (thankfully - nice pun, eh?).

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