Monday, November 23, 2009

Some vacation details

Calories eaten yesterday: 1104
Fat: 28g (25%)
Carbs: 61g (24%)
Protein: 125g (50%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 388

XenaLet's start with another cute photo of Xena. She loves sleeping on my bed. :) Click it for a larger size.

Went to the gym today. I did an hour of weight training and 40 minutes of cardio. I wanted to use one of the newer ellipticals, but all of them (newer and older) were being used, so I settled for the stairmaster. I did levels 6-7.

After taking the train I walked in to work, talking to my Mom on the way to find out more about my vacation. What are we doing? How's the weather? Should I bring a swimsuit? And so on.

It turns out the weather is quite nice with lows in the 60s and highs in the 80s. Hello shorts! The resort has seven pools, most outdoors, a miniature golf course, and several exercise rooms. Yay! I'll bring back lots of photos!

Mom is inviting everyone down this year because it's a time share and they are selling it. So it's the last chance to have fun and she wants to share it with everyone. A day or two after I leave my brother and sister and their families are coming to visit.

I won't be updating my blog while I am gone, but I will be able to update my Facebook status by cell phone at the very least. Messages don't always go through, but it's the best I have. Today I sent a status update from my phone before and after my workout. The first made it through, the second didn't. :-p

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