Thursday, November 19, 2009

I just keep gaining...

Calories eaten yesterday: 1489
Fat: 33g (21%)
Carbs: 93g (27%)
Protein: 182g (52%)
Weight this morning: 133
Calories burned in exercise today: 204

Up another 0.6 today. *sigh* My body hates me. I wish I do do a 1200 calories Atkins. Then I might actually lose weight. I think I'm eating too many calories and so gaining weight even though I feel like I'm starving and only eat healthy food. :(

I'm so hungry today and had all my food eaten by 6 pm! That's 8+ hours still left in my day! I'm going to try to keep this eating frenzy to low-carb stuff, but I did have two small pieces of candy. I'm craving carbs and don't want to feed that craving with any more candy. There is 100% whole wheat bread and peanut butter down the hall, plus the vending machine has peanuts. I know I will show a gain when I weigh-in this week. Just one day even slightly off plan and my body hourds it as fat.

Today is payday and I had some overtime in this paycheck so I used the money to buy a box of shirataki noodles. They are mega expensive or I’d eat them every day. With shipping included, I pay about $2 for a 9 oz. bag. I only bought them because of the overtime I have in this check.

I also got more Walden Farms salad dressing with their 2-for-1 sale.

My arms are so sore! I think it was the concentration curls I did at the gym yesterday. That’s a good thing so I’ll have to do them again. :)

My cell phone ran out of power! I was on my way to work today when I noticed it was dead. I just checked it yesterday and it showed that it was half charged. How could it go dead so quickly? I sent it home with Brad and asked him to plug it in.

Today I did laundry and got some good walking in I checked with the people at the laundromat and they will be open on Thanksgiving so I can do my wash that day.

I sent Brad home with a list of thing to buy so I can cook stuff tomorrow. I’m planning on making the cauliflower potatoes (recipe) and rum cake for the Thanksgiving feast we’ll have at work. Tomorrow I’ll buy oatmeal and make my healthy oatmeal cookies (recipe) for Mom and Bill, then freeze everything until next week.

Tomorrow we need to hit Costco, Safeway, Trader Joe’s, and Old Navy. I need some leggings and want to see what Old Navy has. At some point this weekend we also need to go to WalMart.

Saturday I have to do whatever didn’t get done on Friday so I asked Brad if we could go home right after church and Sabbath School are over. Other than errands, I need to dye my hair. I’ve been meaning to dye it black and it will be done before I fly to Florida!

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