Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fighting the Addiction

Calories eaten yesterday: 1324
Fat: 25g (19%)
Carbs: 62g (21%)
Protein: 143g (46%)
Weight this morning: 132.2
Calories burned in exercise today: 175

Xena's pawsI'll start this post off with a photo of Xena's paws just because everything about her is so cute. Click the photo to view it in a larger size. As you can tell I do not declaw my cats. It's a barbaric procedure.

Breaking a carb addiction is hard. Everywhere around me is temptation. I can ban things from my house, but I still have to deal with work. Yesterday I successfully avoided a caramel apple empanada dessert from Taco Bell. I've had them before and know how good they are. I took a photo, but didn't take a bite. Today at work there are pastries everywhere. Someone must have given us several packages because everywhere I turn there is at least one package, sometimes more.

I hope I can resist because I know how bad sugar and white flour are. I looked at the nutritional info on one of the packages and one pastry has 430 calories - for something that a person would consume in 3 minutes flat! I think my breakfast of 2 hard boiled eggs was much healthier and more filling than a pastry. Two large eggs have 154 calories, 10.6g of fat, 12.5g of protein, and only 1.1g of carbs! :)

Exercise today was lots of walking. I walked down to the train station, turned, and walked partway through Alameda before catching the bus the rest of the way in. I wanted to stop at Southshore for groceries but didn't have time. I was a few minutes late as it was.

I've stopped using the "134" tag on my posts. It was originally to mark days when I showed a 20 pound loss from when I started NutriSystem at 154 pounds. Since I am beginning a new diet I'm ditching that tag. My overall goal remains 136 pounds as a high weight and 126 pounds as a low weight. Water weight can easily cause a 10 pound difference from one day to the next. My official Atkins starting weight is 140.2, so I need to lose 4.2 pounds.

The only thing that will derail me is my vacation at the end of this month. I leave at o' dark thirty the day after Thanksgiving (and I'm working on Thanksgiving night!) to visit my Mom and her hubby in Florida. I won't be able to log food while I'm gone. I can make healthy choices, but will be somewhat limited in those choices.

Tomorrow I hope to go back to the gym.


Fuzzy Lips said...

Either everyone at your workplace is at the pinnacle of self-control or there's a lot of Fatties running around, "Ding fries are done!"

Oh, and I commend you on avoiding those evil 310 calorie 39 carb (13 sugar) caramel apple empanadas. Not really bad, considering what they are, and how sinfully delicious, but not really a food that would send you straight to HELL. That would be more like a cheese cake from Costco.

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Fuzzy Lips said...

I've decided not to go to HELL.

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Fuzzy Lips said...

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How do they come up with these!