Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bad bosses

Calories eaten yesterday: 1355 (I hate that I eat so damn much!)
Fat: 32g (24%)
Carbs: 79g (26%)
Protein: 161g (51%)
Weight this morning: 136.2
Calories burned in exercise today: 190

Went into the City today and got my mail. The property check was there. All of the money is spoken for, including groceries next week. I'm still trying to get Christmas coverage sorted out for Brad and get my birthday off for both of us. Boss J. is being his usual hard ass self - some people don't belong in management because they lack people skills, and J. is one of them. The confirmations that were already sent are not good enough for him and he wants everything confirmed again in exactly the way he wants.

Anyway, he's making it hard for Brad to get off a little early on Christmas, and making it hard for either of us to have my birthday off. So three days before Christmas and I am still pulling my hair out trying to get Brad off even a tiny bit early and still trying to get my birthday covered exactly the way he wants. Damn I wish he's be taken out of management as much as he wants me out of his department. Some people let power go to their heads and he is one of them. :-p

Tomorrow I plan to go to the gym. Thursday is laundry, work, and then I am cooking stuff for Christmas when I get home - cauliflower potatoes and rum cake. Today I picked up some light egg nog for Christmas dinner and Brad already bought us a nice bottle of wine. :)


Anonymous said...

I have noticed that in your more recent Flickr Photo's you don't have your head covered as much as you used to. Have your feelings changed towards this pracise - just Curious

Pillsbury Dough Girl said...

No, my feeling haven't changed. I just sometimes don't wear it for photos. For example, I had my hat on when I started my hike last Sunday, but it got hot quick and I had to take it off.