Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My Vacation to Orlando

I was very badly off track during vacation, so while I am back on plan now, I'm going to start completely over with Week 1 beginning next Sunday. I ate horrible on vacation and gained a lot of weight. I don't know how much because I am avoiding the scale at the moment.

Ok, to catch you up:

Last Thursday (Thanksgiving) I ended up working 12 noon to 8 pm, so I got a full 8 hours. :) Friday morning I woke up just before my alarm went off at 4 a.m., and Brad and I were off to the airport by 4:30.

My flights to Orlando went smoothly and I arrived on time. Mom and Bill dropped me off at their time-share vacation condo at the resort. I only had time to do a little unpacking before we went out to dinner at Olive Garden and then went grocery shopping.

I bought healthy stuff, but Mom got instant oatmeal and chocolate cake. These proved to be part of my undoing.

After the shopping I finished unpacking.

Saturday Mom got sick and so we took her to an urgent care center. Bill and I went out to lunch at Cici's (my first time!) while Mom was seen. We picked her up and got her prescription. They had to go to a medical supply store to get Mom's gauze dressings for her stomach tube; I begged to be dropped off at the condo so I could go swimming while they made the drive.

When I finished swimming they were back. We stayed in the rest of the day except that I asked to get McDonald's for my dinner and we took it back to the condo.

Sunday morning Bill and I went to church. It was an Episcopal church, but we went to the late service which is contemporary. It was very upbeat with a band and praise songs. They used some of the same music/video worship disks that my church uses.

After church we went to lunch at Red Lobster. I ate a lot of church biscuits and had fries with my lobster tail. I also had a sugary smoothie. After lunch I went to the tiny workout center nearest our room (there was a bigger one but it was a long way). I did 30 minutes on one the the ellipticals. All of the machines were better than the ones at my gym, with screens where you could watch TV, and the screens were operated by touch.

Monday we went to DisneyWorld's Magic Kingdom; I will spare you the play-by-play. I have photos while I will upload to my Flickr account as I am able. I got to go on five rides - the haunted mansion, It's A Small World, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and something else I can't remember right now. It was too crowded with waits for rides that were too long for the length of the ride. The best ride by far was Space Mountain, a roller coaster in the dark - you can't see where you're going or what's ahead. :) I also managed to squeeze some shopping in. Of course I bought a Disney hat with the Mickey ears and had by name embroidered on the back.

We left far earlier than I was ready to. Mom was in a wheelchair, but both her and Bill were tired, being far older than me. We came back to the condo, ate in, and even I went to bed fairly early.

The next day, Tuesday, Mom and Bill drove me to the airport and dropped me off. After checking my bags and getting through security I noticed my flight to Denver was running 1 1/2 hours late, meaning I would miss my connection.

I spoke to the woman at the gate I was supposed to leave from and she re-booked me on a flight connecting in Albuquerque. Then she had to find my bags and have them rerouted, too. I had a three hour layover in Albuquerque. I ended up arriving in Oakland about the same time as I would have if everything had gone as planned.

The only downside was that on the second flight I found a seat in the middle front, but no space to store my carry on bag. I had to have it checked and had nothing but my paperback to read for the entire 2 1/2 hours. :-p

Brad picked me up and we went to Starbucks, then went home to unpack. I just asked for one favor - a trip to a local Jack In the Box drive-through for dinner.

Today I am back at work and back on my diet. After binging for five days I'm not very hungry, so I am eating very light and drinking lots of water to detox. Tomorrow is laundry day.

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